My Epic Swords | Fantasy Blacksmith Gameplay | First Look

Fantasy Blacksmith Gameplay | You are a blacksmith in the world of the sword, magic and war, in which any blacksmith who knows how to make even the simplest swords is in demand.

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TheParalytic says:

I have a friend that might be interested in this

James Gertsch says:

Hey I like you’re videos this game is good too

Angie says:

Awesome video GE!! Your commentary always makes me smile. Curious to see more of this. 🙂

tooasty breado says:

Legends say thet the real legend lived here GameEdged

Cannibal Clown says:

‘Game Edge Sexual Sword Shop” the inuendoes were thick! 😛

SilencerNate says:

“I want a thick, thick one.” 1:30
“I am good at screwing.” 16:47
“I’ve found out I’m really good at screwing and blowing.” 27:15
–GameEdged 2019
Have a great day! 😀

tooasty breado says:


egypshun03 says:

This looks pretty cool. Always had a big interest in forging. Wonder why the release was delayed… wonder how much it will be

shain St says:

Well I will admit that it is nice to see someone try to make a better smithing game I think they missed the mark here. Maybe because I am a fan of the art but there is a lot of stuff that is just odd in this.
A smelter is a special furnace used to smelt metal from ore and is quite a lot different than the forge where the metal bars are, well, forged into things. The first parts of shaping is drawing out the bar to the right length. You would need to hold the bar with the tongs and pull or push the bar under the hammer blows to crudely shape the blade from tip to tang. Swords are almost always full tang because you need the strength and the weight in the grip. If you spend to much time hammering on it you might need to temper it to release the tension that can build up or you might get cracks it the structure.
Once the smith gets the blade to a rough shape (the better the smith the closer the shape) he will take it to the grinder to get it to the final shape and it probably the most labor intensive part of the job.
once it is pretty much completely shaped it will be back into the forge to heat treat for hardening and then quenched. Then it is heated up and held at a certain temperature to temper as the hardening makes it very brittle. Tempering leaves it hard but gives it enough spring to not shatter but not too much so that it bends.
Then it is the next labor intensive part – polishing and sharpening. How much you do this would depend on how nice you want it to look.
Normally that is the end of what a Weapon-smith would do. The sword blades would then go to other specialists that would create the guards, grips, pommel and sheath.
Modern smiths often do all that too since there isn’t a big industry of craftsmen like in the past.
Also – Bronze was typically melted down and poured into a mold to shape the blade before going on with the rest of the steps.
Too much? Sorry – I love the craft and really wish I had the means to get into it. I think it is in my blood – My fathers sir name came from a family of blacksmith and the family crest has hammers and anvils on it.

the fortnite default channel says:


Leonides says:

Great commentary as always GameEdged! lol I noticed the phallic moments too. “screwing and blowing” lmao

Few comments on game:
– It would take forever to draw out metal with a hammer that flat, and what is the other end for? lol Devs may want to research proper hammer design. Rounding hammer, cross pein. Most MMORPG games that have blacksmithing will have some over sized rounding hammer that looks like it weights 20 lbs., but at least its a “proper” looking hammer.
-Hammer should be like holding a weapon in a fps. Some aprons have hoops to hold hammers. Although most smiths just leave the hammer on an area of the anvil or the anvil stand. Need to get to work quickly once you’ve heated the metal.
-Need tool racks like you mentioned. Most smiths will have a hammer rack on the anvil stand for hammers they use often, and then a stand somewhere else for their collection.
-The thermometer made me laugh.
I was thinking, if someone came to me asking for a smithed item cheap, especially a knife or a sword, I’d probably say “that’s what Wal-Mart is for” lol

Game has some potential. Would be nice to see it polished and maybe help to get more people into the profession, even if it is just as a hobbyist. Playing a blacksmith in Everquest and other MMO’s is what got me into blacksmithing, so maybe!

Mark Nickerson says:

GE, as someone who does blacksmithing/bladesmithing as a hobby and secondary source of income, I can tell you without doubt, while the game looks fun, it is nothing like the real deal. The devs seem to have done a good job however. And if you’re ever in Calgary, look me up, happily teach you how to make a blade!!

Rob52 says:

iam with him MOST of them lol 🙂

shain St says:

Hey GE – if you want to see some nice real life sword forging check out Alec Steele’s channel – just search his name. He’s made some pretty cool swords and you are right – there is a ton more to it than you do in this game. It was weird that there was no tang on the sword blank. Quenching for hardening is usually done at a higher temp and on a real sword you would have to temper it too.

blade merge says:

I would love to have this game for console

Tezza 47 says:

Hi. Sorry could only watch 9 mins of this before my senses were screaming out in frustration. The Devs need to change a lot of things before I could watch it again, your patience was remarkable.Have fun

Theweapon x says:

Awesome sword making GameEdged. 😉

Lord Kronouss Pale Rider says:

Well after watching your stream last night I am going to say blame Uncle Touchy aka Lost for all the really bad double entendres but hey why do we need a reason to #blamelostsoul. BTW is that a sword in your hand or are you just happy to see me? This is an interesting looking game that could be a lot of fun but I think it may need more work before I add it to my collection.

Moose & Pickles says:

“Not getting this off is as easy as it looks” best line ever. On another note that’s what she said.

khalid mamay says:

nice work



tooasty breado says:

Best content

Major Greenz says:

love most the games you show…..MOST of them lol. this is like watching paint dry hahaha

the fortnite default channel says:

First like

james watson says:

i watch a show on the history chan..this guy made a viking sword it was cool always enjoy your vid’s thank’s

Raw Gage says:

Also, a small request: Can you capitalize the first “G” in my name for the credits where it’s two separate words like your name? Thank you in advance boss and can’t wait to see what you do next!

Christopher Shaw says:

Please Gameedged do more video’s of this game it looks good

Burris Streaming says:

might I suggest a change to the hand that is always in view. It reminds me of the guy in the wheel chair from one of the scary movies. You know the guy that had the little deformed hand.

Draco Bane says:

What happened to the other first look video?

Raw Gage says:

Hey GameEdged, RawGage here! I have to say I’m amazed someone made a game for forging… BRILLIANT! I love forging and have myself an anvil with all my grandfather’s smithing tools and learning how to forge metal into shapes. This game is sheer genius with metal temps and showing the process it takes to make quality items. Please, please-please-please, keep making more videos of this game so we can give it the support it deserves. As always, I’m a huge fan and love the content ;D

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