Mobius Final Fantasy High Level Gameplay FF7 – FF8 – FF12 – FF13 Limit Breaks

The English version comes out this week, August 3rd. (More Information and Gameplays)

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James Jarman says:

Can’t wait until the USA gets Squall’s Mercinary job. Gotta get that Gunblade!!

Sawada Daus says:

How do you get Lightning job?

ExovianScrublord For Your Entertainment! says:

The English version is missing out on alot of shit .-.

Fredrick Aleksander says:

ehmm why no clip about job mage??..
i mean im playing mage now already white mage and no have a hard time or it just unpopopular?

Cazval says:

Why doesn’t Noel Costume get the theme from XIII-2?

MisterButterfingers says:

This game is a visual fucking nightmare. I played for about an hour and quit.

Michaelvand says:

may i know what feature include after ff7 update?

Rei Moon says:

Really great game

Monds Agustin says:

Hopefully we get these soon on the eng version…

DarkClawAssassin - Minecraft PE Related Stuff says:

**snaps fingers** THATS IT!


bartsic85 says:

this music…. memories

Handi Louise says:

can we get squall even it didnt came of from squall event?

AnimeIntensity says:

This game is pretty cool! I actually won something from it in a giveaway I entered. I made a video on it the other day 🙂

Andrew Pittman says:

some one explain what im looking at…

The D-grayman 0502 grayman says:

best game ever ,FF 7woohoo

Joseph Espiritu says:

how do i get squall costume in mobius?



Duckyduck says:

I wonder how to obtain this jobs

Eduardo Dias says:

how did you get these jobs and cards ??

Zak Kamiya says:

How did you get the squall class? and is the battle music play when using it or was it just edited

Rajput Gamer says:

Global version felt like shit after watching this lol

Kynon Ardoin II says:

So if I were to join this collaboration as a new player, would I even be able to achieve the collaboration items/abilities?

Sim Salabim says:

I instantly see it’s a 13 engine. Fuck this shit and fuck 13, worst piece of crap to be ever created, the story should’ve died in writer’s room, and who fucking made this piece of junk characters??? I don’t like a single one (maybe Snow a little), the rest are fucking ghay

ViralZen says:

So each S tier character has their own battle music?

Jose Christian says:

is was better if we play this game for ps4 omg

Lou Davis says:

the HP levels are just ludicrous. why?

Torchingtorchic says:

Have enough buffs there

Dillon Morrow says:

geez the US is way behind I know they have to do all the dubs but damn

NateIsCorrupt says:

That classic cloud gameplay!

Muhamad Sidik says:

what… wait… why the english version soo diferrent???

Jens Krause says:

wtf?0.0 i have also the game so here is my question is this real or fake?

Azz-Rushman says:

I’m sure most fans had a blast of nostalgia while playing these stages.

landos5000 says:

can anyone please tell me how to change my jobs ultimate.has been chaosbringer for ages and still says it is when i look at auto abilities.but.everytime i go to use an ultimate lately it gives me the crappy onion slicer?

Reinhard von Lohengramm says:

Don’t bully my Lightning, you bastard :c

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