Mobius Final Fantasy Gameplay

Random Mobius Final Fantasy time~! I still like playing this game. A lot of freebies and it’s not a cash grab. My Omnislash didn’t one shot this time T_T! Crazy monsters getting stronger~

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knifekill4 says:

step I have a question? how do you get the final fantasy characters costumes?

Ronald Johnson says:

I just discovered that this game was free on Steam.
…so here I am, trying to find a reason to play it.
…but all I see is cringy Kupos and shit.
I’d rather go play Raft on
The Final Fantasy series is that bad.
The only good thing I got going for it, was the materia system back in FF7.
That was it.
Fine, you know what? It’s not the _worst_ game series.
Pokémon is far worse.
I’d rather play this, than Pokémon.

Itai Sprachman says:

how long has this been out?
it looks like the Japanese version has like 10 times more content

Fredrick Balmore says:

I have a request since mobius is coming out on August 3. can you make a guide for it ?

Zidan Aidil Fitra says:

What is app for you recording?

Синицын Александр Дмитриевич says:

how you change to horizontal viev?

Critical Cowhit says:

what platform are you using to play this game???

Kaki Kjeldsen says:

When you get the costumes, do they have an additional stat bonus? Mine is just the ordinary dark night. Also, any idea what type of events they usually release for the costumes?

Sirawesomelol9999 says:

so its just u raping some enemies 1000 times when they attack you twice each turn?

ShadowDTH1 says:

How did you get this hd picture?
I have to bluestack some pixels are visible

Gilang Grimoire says:

how to change class when battle O,O

Xicarah says:

I don’t know what the hell’s going on, but I’ll be damned if the battle system doesn’t look interesting…..

Huongxeng Chang says:

does job change in battle come later in the game?

GenesisGems says:


Aaron B says:

does anybody know when this event will start for the global version so we have the chance to get the final fantasy 8 and 7 and 13 jobs?

FearlessMiggy says:

in the jp was this game originally Landscape mode? In the US its portrait mode

1 Sombra says:


Elijnir K. says:


alex tumbler says:

Why the fuck do u need fps calculation for a mobile

joshua harris says:

what game is this? what is the name of the game?

Sunomeow says:

They finally did it. ps2 level graphics on a smartphone.
how fast technology progresses.

I'm not an Eggplant says:

I have never been so excited for a mobile game… I can’t wait for August 3rd.

Nemhyz says:

Are there any guides to help non JP players? Do you think they will bring this game overseas?

Steve Weaboo Jones says:

An auto play button? >_> Please let the trend of games playing themselves, die.

Henry Wright says:

So they didn’t just rip Mog’s model from FFXIII, but the entire Moogle Village, too!?

Vplay Channel says:

online or offline..?

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