Mobius Final Fantasy Gameplay – Mobius Final Fantasy Trailer – Mobius Final Fantasy Android / iOS Gameplay!! Thanks to Square Enix for sponsoring his video 🙂


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Mobius Final Fantasy is a role-playing game designed for mobile phones. The player controls the game’s protagonist Wol while navigating Paramitia. Players can customize settings, graphical quality, and adjust controls for their dominant hand. During local navigation on the field map, the player taps a location on a map and the character travels to that location. In some self-contained areas, the player can directly control the character. Along with standard navigation, the player can navigate the game world using a fast-travel system, progressively unlocked as the player progresses through the story. Many of the features in the game, such as the leveling system and exploration, are similar to those from previous home console Final Fantasy games.

Mobius features a tactics-focused, turn-based battle system, with players able to activate attacks by tapping enemies on screen. Players can use standard melee attacks with close-range weapons such as swords, and magical attacks. During combat the player accumulates Elements, which are necessary to activate Abilities, the game’s form of summoned monsters. When ready for activation, a tile appears on-screen that the player touches to activate the Ability. Abilities have different attributes: the Shiva Ability unleashes an ice attack, while the Fat Chocobo Ability raises defense for eight turns while automatically healing the player. Elements can also be used by the player to strengthen their resistance to elemental attacks. If an enemy’s weakness is struck enough times, their “break gauge” meter will be drained and they will be left weakened, allowing the player to attack freely. A job system and character abilities related to them form a key part of the system.

The player starts off with the Onion Swordsman job. Each job can be leveled up using special “seed” items collected in battle to fill in a skill panel. Once the panel is complete, the job will evolve, such as the Onion Warrior evolving into the pure Warrior class. As jobs change or evolve, the character’s appearance will be altered to a degree. In the Chapter Two content update, Samurai, Assassin, and Red Mage jobs were added.[8] In February 2016, multiplayer functionality was added, enabling up to four players to take on bosses.


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Steven Mastic93 says:

I remember when he was breaking 100k views on most of his vids and now it’s hard to break 50k for him and it’s really sad to see because he was one of the first channels that got me into watching YouTube.

silverrook says:

Nice really loving this game – for free its amazing 🙂
BTW what are you using to record your gameplay

abdo chbihi says:

is not bad to publish something or someone you just working for money i mean let’s be honest you are human it’s normal

Harry Schwartz says:

I’m farther than u yes

jack ripper says:

so can we expect a full play through of this and FFXV ??

Tyler James says:

I’ve been waiting more than half of my life for FFXV

Alex Valadez says:

put the yunna card (pink one) into your deck

King articgamer says:

I just made video about this go check it out

maurice vader says:

i love the game ghost i have it to

ELK_X_MIA says:

Is this on Windows phones?

Darkness00Lord9691 says:

Downloaded that game last night, haven’t touched it yet

jelly drop says:

do more metal gear 5

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Tegerio Mccrae says:

ghost pls get a full walkthrough of FFXV WHEN it releases. ☺

Crunchys Kelvar says:

Whats the freemium system like ?

Abdirahman Sheik Hassan says:

What if they make FFXV for NX?

Sephiro Jackie Ma says:

FFXV is my most anticipated game of 2016. I personally is a big fan of the FF series, ever since I played FF7 on the PSP. I couldn’t wait to see the story of Noctis Lucis Caelum, the prince who’s going to take back his kingdom. And the way the game looks in the trailer, looks just absolutely gorgeous, it can be compared to Uncharted 4, maybe even better

chris lyons says:

XV demo looked so horrible and choppy. I sure hope it’s improved upon release date

Lll Lll says:

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can you free roam

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This comment section is so fucking cancerous.

Tyshawn Walker says:

u talk to much

Tyshawn Walker says:

u talk to much

afrokidryder says:

Tyvm this looks hot

Lucid Havoc says:

It’s been out

Jason Chan says:

did u notice when u use earthshift all the orbs changes to earth element?

The bounty Hunter says:

prepare for the worst game of 2016

Nathan Diaz says:

ahh I just started this and I love this channel keep the series alive and have a good day

MrRockfish01 says:

Mmmmm thus game looks interesting !

Jonell Nieves says:

I’m currently playing the second event on global release, I think I beat the second chapter but I can’t wait for the next set of chapters

DarkGuardian Okami says:

All I’m going to say for this game is the it a really good game.

leo barragan says:

That new look for Garland is crazy cool. Wish his sword stayed the same.

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