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Mobius Final Fantasy Gameplay first look gameplay video + commentary by Omer from

Mobius Final Fantasy is a free to play online multiplayer RPG developed and published by Square Enix. It originally launched as a mobile game in 2016 but an HD PC version launched on Steam on February 5th, 2017.


S. LocoKnight says:

the game is an okay pastime. nothing more. says:

Game gets a cool 8K+ concurrent on Steam. pretty nuts.

Origami Senpai says:

can you play real time online multiplayer?

David Gurnhill says:

was 50- 50 if i should pkay this on steam but after watching this i think i will

Kael Rhain says:

When you start chapter 2, the history doesn’t advance enough to maintain you hooked, and the battles just get harder from nowhere making you farm for a few levels to deal with it with ease, then you have to wait for stamina, camera turn around like crazy if your character is too fast. The graphics looks really nice and the music and VA is good. They released with half the content in the actual game. I feel is a chore to get back to it, not fun.

Amber Short says:

This game is not actually that bad. I need to find some time to devote to it.

Max Köster says:

ffs … played thisame 8h now wit a total sleep of 3h XD

Cheezy says:

Remember when you recorded this video?
So nostalgic to me. What about you, Omer?

Nikola Djordjevic says:

Played about 11 hours of it in 1 go, guess i am addicted. Will play until i finish all of the chapters

SamantaGothic says:

anyone knows if there is english version on the steam ? I went on steam and i could not find eng version only japanese.

Razeluxe01 says:

I played a ton of this on my phone, but got kind of tired of it once i got up to date on story. will probably try it again now that it’s on pc since that’s actually easier for me to waste time on than my phone. go figure.

ricardo teixeira says:

android where we can conquer multiple bases/vilages.
like tribal wars our travian?
our know is only clash of clans? 1 base upgrade

Ashinror Wynns says:

The game gets a little harder later on. Its sometimes hard to make that decision to defend against a certain enemy’s attack or kill a different enemy while forsaking defense. Overall it’s still pretty easy and I only play it on mobile to pass the time.

Maikeru Noshijōka says:

I play this game. I made a ton of videos about this game on my channel and it does help a lot of people. right now, they have a FFVII Remake Event going on and it’s actually fun. I play the JP and GL version so it makes it even better.

KienjeTheGiant says:

I play auto play on basically for story because Mog is so charming, kupo!

Zienna says:

I hated when this game first released on Steam, it was so broken. Download game,problems, immediately down for maintenance. Was back up, I was like yay, but then it downloaded the game..through the game. I had to listen to repeating music that got on my nerves and watch visuals while it installed. It took a while for me. Could not play anything else while it did its thing. Was annoying for me. Dx Decent game though.

raystrife234 says:

white mage ftw boiz

Popcorn Chicken says:

Hey Omer I’m a psychic. I knew you’d be reviewing this.

Vandis says:


apologiz tome says:

does ppl rly play these kinda games?

Jestersmile's Stream says:

more mobile junk.

Arslan Zire says:

why did the name change from MMOhut?

Mortian says:

Omer did you see/play heavy metal machines on steam?It’s awesome

Slylok says:

I will never understand why mobile devs try to shove ” console quality graphics ” into those devices. It burns them up and drains the battery and ends up looking pretty pitiful in the end. Some games make my screen so hot it burns my fingertip. What they need to do is revisit the old GMUD type styles similar to Kingdom of Drakkar and Legends of Kesmai etc. It would be perfect for mobile single player and multiplayer games.

itran1 says:

Mog :'(

A BAMBU says:

OMER i sub then u got like 5-10k people now u got almoust 50k congrats mmohut was popular just becouse of u and i happy u got ur own channel, cant wait till u get 1m.once more congrats!

Yuen says:

Since you’re a Youtuber recording the game you don’t have time focusing the story while recording, but I think the story is alright for a mobile port. It’s just fairly slow since it’s blocked with each fighting node you have to do.

And yes, similar to Shadowverse, you can play the mobile version and the PC version at the same time by using a code to transfer your acct. from the Etc. tab.

The stamina system is REALLY generous. Elixirs replenish your stamina. And if you’ve been playing since the mobile game you’d have a lot by now. I still have 100+. Event maps like the current FF7 one going on throw out a lot of them.

Personally I think gameplay til the end of chapter 1 is mindless fighting and hidden tutorials here and there, but until Chapter 2, it’ll eventually make you think about what to choose for you deck and what job to use or pull from the job summons. Also auto attack is useful in Chapter 1, but not as useful in chapter 2 whereas you might need to use you ultimate attack but your auto attack doesn’t dish out the damage to do it.

There’s also a multiplayer mode that unlocks that’s realtime turn based group raid boss fighting. Which is pretty fun.

Since it’s based off a mobile game it’s one of those games that if you play a lot you’ll see the fruits of your labor over time.

Dennis says:

The moment I hear about the auto gameplay feature the game turns into something I will never play and the rest of the video is mehh..

HaSafe Zone says:

After awhile, the game becomes somewhat complex. It won’t be a simple clicking anymore.

Wuzi Mu says:

auto play is really only for grinding, and it can be hard to run out of energy, you can play mobile and pc with the same account, the graphics arn’t much different if you put it on high quality and a decent device. and the story really seems to be a good story masquerading as a played out old story.

Dominic Mortimer says:

which mage is better to choose black or white and why

wolfflow says:

Pretty please port FF Tactics, Secret of Mana & Chrono Trigger to Steam!

Rave 暗い says:

The story is a bit confusing, but from my understanding all the blanks are basically clones of you. They’re called blanks (generic) because they didn’t accept their name and refused to follow the prophecy and/or fight, so they don’t look exactly like you and are insignificant for the story. It’s actually pretty hilarious because it kind of works as an excuse as to why every player character is the same person and convenient for characters like Cloud or any other named character.

Jackbots Whis says:

it’s free…..but it’s so freaking cool……but it’s FREE……BUT THAT GAME IS SO COOL……..A FINAL FANTASY GAME IS FREE AND COOL…..WHAT THE HECK? WAT I mean I am happy but WAT!

benukysz says:

Camera angles are all over the place lol why make cuts every 0,5-2 seconds….

oraora33 says:

Steam comments were complaining of some bug that made the only language available korean or something like that. Is it fixed?

Joe Cash says:

is this who you play as in final fantasy now? male model black mages who get their clothing from the homeless shelter?

Galip Tartar says:

Omer, you can play with your mobile account in PC version. If you need tips i can help you.

Ronteque says:

I think this is the best F2P mobile game I’ve ever played. None of the bullshit crap like doing premium gacha getting the same duplicate cards of different ranks and fusing them to rank them up, etc. like Marvel: CoC, Brave Exivius, etc. Mobius employs the most fair free to play model indeed.

- Arrow - says:

I’m really getting sick of all the auto-play games in this generation.

Augosyx says:

They had a bumpy start to the Steam launch so people who are new to the game wasn’t been informed about the maintenance happened during that time and to add insult to injury, the game wasn’t playable other than Korean version after maintenance was finished but fortunately, the game is slowly picking up now on PC. Be warned though for new players, this game will make you decide whether or not you want to pay to get everything quick. Though they’re slowly changing the system now but we do not know if there’ll be more changes in the future.

Andres Iraci says:

This crap weight 10GB ?

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