MAX REACTS: Granblue Fantasy Versus Trailer (New Arcsys Fighting Game)

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Kokobro says:

That THUMBNAIL… Max don’t look at my daughter like that. >:(

cylos_ mx says:

oooo a new fighting game

Esteban Cartagena says:

it totally looks like the clunkyness of DBFighterz, but graphics looks amazing.

HOODYBOI 007 says:


Mr. Ordinary Fan says:

Why are the guys not naked and drinking Oolong Tea while diving?

deniz arik says:

I’m pissed

Gez Fry says:

impressive how well Arcsys has recreated the granblue illustration style with realtime 3D graphics. they’re building on their cel-shading expertise from GG Xrd. i love how innovative they are with their art styles.

Chileshe says:

My body is ready, ArcSys.

Rivershield says:

Why aren’t anime fighters more popular? I have no idea what Granblue Fantasy is but It looks so freaking cool, and given it’s an ArcSys game, it will probably play cool too. But it seems most people aren’t really impressed by this sort of thing… I can’t understand it.

pieoverlord says:

Y’know, looking at the in-game models, the first thing that came to mind was “They should do a Final Fantasy Tactics fighter.” Maybe it’s the colour palette.

Aizen Sousuke says:

I swear they keep making new games just to focus on the Japanese people which I believe is really fucking racist ,but all I have to say is if they don’t focus on DBZ fighter z season 2 characters that we ask for from the beginning characters like Jiren, Janemba or Pikkon ,and I don’t give a fuck if Japan doesn’t like Jiren because of his back story, there are more people then just Japan in the world that plays your game Arcsys. So if not one of them are in the game and they make up a stupid ass excuse like they don’t have a move list to them I’m gonna fucking flip and I’m pretty sure so is the community.

Zack Schilling says:

Does that little girl have the Moonlight Sword?

Christian Saofaileta says:

Is it possible for Arc Studios to do a jojo fighters game?

Charlé Ouel says:

Look nice tho Fram work need to be improve (I Know whene I say that it probably true because I can’t tell useally that frame work is bad… So if I can tell useally it mean it REALLY BAD…)

Ermac N.Cheese says:

Don’t know what this is, but it looks pretty dope. Could dial back the anime nonsense though, everyone looks so over-designed. It’d also be more interesting if they had a realistic art-style switch option.

Mago do Caos says:

Its looking good, but………….
…….this means, no Persona 5 Arena yet?

Oliver Misbach says:

The graphics team at Arcsys needs an award. They knock it out of the park every time.

HighLevi says:

Magisa better be in.

Chibi_ARCADE:3 says:

ArcSystemWorks is getting better with their art

MillionShadesofDarkness says:

let arcsystem works make Street Fighter 4th Strike

Meta Knightmare says:

Max new Street fighter 5 is come in reveal!

R says:

Everyone are fucking blue and white, lol this looks like the high elves from warhammer in a anime way

Nirvash type1 says:

I’m calling it now only getting 12 characters and maybe 5 or 2 dlc characters so right now my expectations are low

Anzu Mazaki says:

Did anyone guess that arc system works was going to be the new capcom of fighting games post 2015?

bunnyfreakz says:

Fantasy fighting game? You know crossover with Berserk or Goblin Slayer or Zelda?

Johno Daz says:

Cool reaction video Max. This game looks pretty good, I will definitely keep my eye on it.

Amateur Asian says:

Can arc just do mahvel?

King Hekmatyar says:

react to Kage SFV

oniuserjh says:

looks like its up to japan to save triple A gaming…again…

yes4me says:

Not impressed.

Nikodem Ossowski says:

it’s the closest to a Fire Emblem FG that isn’t just Smash

LiK says:

Looks pretty great.

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