MAX REACTS: Final Fantasy 7 Remake Gameplay Trailer(Reaction)

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jane jiang says:

i hope next they will remake FF8, i would be happy to cry!

Michael A. Robson says:

Take all my fucking money 🙂

SeeDkngtSeifer says:

I see this idiot on some KI event he is a fukin Troll and an ugly one

j0ey says:

Please at least if they are going to fucking remake Barret completely, at least make his voice different that voice sucks ass

rJUSTINr1995 says:

“Take all my money! ” Well sounds like they will with the release plan…

KinglyRed says:

When Max told Cloud to “jump on that fucking train” I could swear he was about to cream himself

Professor Roboenza says:

I’m just hoping it’s not a hallway like 13

Danny Noriega says:

2:05 Max creams pants Lol

Hilmi Naufal says:

Just want to play it soon, I’m a big fan of FF VII

Kamui says:

I hope they do a ps4 port of crisis core and bundle it with a 7 demo

Leon says:

I also hear that there also going to remake FF8 as well.

awais anwar says:

This guy is a true fan. Most others seem to be trying too hard for views.

LN says:

Final Fantasy XV 7 Edition

CancelParryAttack says:

I wonder what the battle will be with sephiroth….or even the weapons!!

RealmOfWonders says:

Pinch yourself Max.

Shay Mandal says:

And then Max proceeded to furiously jerk off for 4 hours and plastered the walls of his room with jizz XD

LN says:

How are you impressed? The personality of the characters were SOOO bland compared to their former self.

holamoco says:

Jessie is beautiful.

Meldi Chaniko says:

Just here for crossdressing cloud.. hahahahha

Paul Smith says:

I thought max had a let’s play of ff7

Prototype Jay says:

I love this video so much. The part that makes the video for me is how Max says “it looks good”. You can hear the love and passion he has for this game in his voice. We live in a post FF7 remake world guys! Let’s embrace it!

Aquien1 says:

and i will be seeing YOU at the JUDGMENT of God

Shawn Greaves says:

If it wasn’t for FF VII I would not be into video games at all. To me it is the greatest game ever made & I will die if this remake doesn’t become a reality.

Bobby reza farresy says:

one thing that make me scared about this game is the scene when aeris death 🙁

12MYCRYL17 says:

Cloud Strife on a Remake…. IN A DRESS KappaPride

Rx93NuGundam says:

Hope they keep the Don Corneo’s Arc as is :v

Paul Raynaud says:

I just realized I’m watching this video on its 1 year anniversary

Sinistralx says:

Not to be vulgar but if just the demos are illiciting these kinda reactions…can you imagine the sheer amount of jizz thats just gonna fly around the room when say..Knights of the Round gets summoned?

xramengrlx says:

I want Cloud to be goofy AF, but with constant resting bitch face

Victoria 92179 says:

One of my favorite things about this trailer is defiantly that an infantryman recognized Cloud! He was part of the infantrymen when he was working for Shinra so it makes sense for someone to recognize him! FFVII doesn’t take place that long after CC, so most of his friends in the ranks are probably still in there. Too bad he has to kill them all.

StryderK says:

Well, I just bought a PS4 for you know what. Downloaded FF VII just to get ready and just finished bombing mission …Now watching this….Sends shiver down your spine doesn’t it?

Who Loc says:

The ending is the best gets me everytime lol ” take all my fucking money , u can have it ! ” hahahhaha agreed so pumped for this fuckin game to come out , hopefully the episodic shit doesn’t mean that we get a game then have to wait 2-3 years for the next part to come out .

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