LUNA’S GIFT- Final Fantasy XV Gameplay Walkthrough Tutorial- Pt 14

In this part of Final Fantasy XV, Prince Noctis & his team, Prompto, Ignis & Gladio follow Lady Lunafreya to Altissia to deal with Leviathan. Not going to lie, some stuff goes down in this episode that I am NOT COOL WITH.
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The Kaahthulu says:

Can’t wait till you get toward the end game

DD DD says:

WTF is going on in this game lol. It’s impossible to comprehend. It’s also very unpolished

Vilma Gonzalez says:

39:15 I hope so

Neil Tagaban says:

Your Reaction of Luna’s sad scene is pretty much every persons reaction that played through the FFVII Aeris scene.

AliG200 says:

I’ve been waiting you to come to this part since you started, and yet again it still hit me in the feels even after seeing those scenes so many times. It was great to see your thoughts on all that happened in this episode, it always brings up some really good questions that give food for thought.

Vilma Gonzalez says:

19:30 wow she is one strong girl, perfect fro Noctis

Martin Rodriguez says:

You sure do make some weird face expressions.

Strange Rebel Gaming says:

I’ve decided to keep all YouTube livestreams public so check them out here if you haven’t already! Love you guys!

WaffleLappen says:


Vilma Gonzalez says:

11:27 yeahp

Dylan Nieto says:

You should totally play Shadow of the Collossus. It would be epic. And the story is pretty interesting too.

gamerjaime1 says:


47:20 Again i fully agree. This episode shows again that this game has some amazing epic parts and is not afraid to be sad as well. I am also surprised by that characters death because like you i kinda expected a happy ending. But if you look at the Kingsglaive film that film also has a sad ending and sad moments throughout. They are not afraid to kill off important characters and i honestly love that! But like you said it sucks that this game also has some really slow parts that are really boring to be honest. But this episode showed me again that its not a bad game at all. Its beautiful at times. And epic and amazing! Its just to long for its own good.

Vilma Gonzalez says:

37:46 just a littel fasteeeeerrrrrr ( like the song say)

Blackguard says:

You know what makes me mad. All the parts in the story that the dev’s left out. I felt no connection to any of the Characters in this game. It could have been so epic, but they ruined it.

Vilma Gonzalez says:

20:40 that was cool, Pronto to the rescue

gamerjaime1 says:

31:41 For my fellow Dragon Ball Z nerds (if there are any in this community) that is some straight up Super Saiyan shit! Holy epicness mother of everything that is epic! That is awesome!

Dave McWilliams says:

What headphones are those ??

Isaiah Rilles says:

Whoa, Izunia just went to suspicious creep to brianna’s shit list way too fast.

Vilma Gonzalez says:

46:00 yeah that ending is bull shit too

Avooz1 says:

Wish I could’ve gotten emotional about this but I feel like the game didn’t really make me care about her at all. Much prefer Gladio’s sister.

Vilma Gonzalez says:

16:15 that is one Big Dragon

Paul Decker says:

First of all, love the content. Second of all, I think you would really enjoy To The Moon and Undertale. Those are two of my favorite games if you are looking into a new series. Both are very short games but very worth the story told. Check them out! Thanks very much!

Clint Escorpeso says:

Lol I waited for this just to see your reaction…I can’t wait for the upcoming ones

CelestialLimbo says:

Haha, it’s Deus Ex Machina, you’re right, Bri. I’m glad you love Luna as much as I do! That was a touching sad shocking series of scenes. You can tell how much Noctis & Luna cherished each other. From chapter 9 onwards it becomes more story-focused, instead of the open-world you’ve experienced so far (though you can always use Umbra at a rest stop to go back and do some sidequests).

I’m looking forward to your reactions since if you enjoyed this story-focused chapter you’re gonna enjoy the rest of it too.

Off-topic: This is why I think you should play FFX HD for PS4. The game suits your story-based channel since it’s very cinematic and has a resonating strong emotional core to it. Powerful story that will immediately grip you! You’d love it.

Its Dehlert says:

You might like the ending.. bittersweet.

Vilma Gonzalez says:

18:50 the King of Kings? are you taking about Triple H?

Doogeruoy Sihtdaer says:

You handled that scene better than me. I was balling like a baby. lol (T-T)

Vilma Gonzalez says:

45:00 that bull shit total bull shit

keero kamiya says:

Okay I hav to admit this episode got to me, I shed quite a fw tears when Luna died and the gang were all going at eachother

Vilma Gonzalez says:

36:29 let it have it! Briana

DarkCeptor44 says:

Man this is sad, and I’m not even a big fan of the game.

Vilma Gonzalez says:

1:11 now let see how deep gose

Shaun Dunham says:

Hell yes! You know I can’t get enough of the FF XV videos! Awesome job in being more frequent with them, Bri :3

Vilma Gonzalez says:

14:36 Lunafreya (clap clap clapclapclap ) Lunafreya (clap clap clapclapclap ) Lunafreya (clap clap clapclapclap ) …

333michael says:

12:33 lmao twins? LOL the two people with the same design xD

Vilma Gonzalez says:

14:07 applause for Lady Lunafreya

BusterAbobo says:

Honestly, I felt nothing towards Luna’s death. She was in the game for like a total for 40 minutes

Vilma Gonzalez says:

15:52 wath the hell was that?

insanekyo says:

Who’s cutting onions around here? 🙁

ROB_TY says:

So cool!!!!!!!!

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