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max vergo says:


Mel Moon says:

Don’t yell at Ignis. XDD

Ya Boi says:

i subbed on three diffrent accounts

Harrison Tao, Formlery The Inspiring Rice says:

Where is the Link reference?

Alexandria James says:

What made him think about Tina? Was he doing this because of the sad music?

Zero-storm89 2.0 says:

That reading though lol

azathoth says:

NOPE!!!!!!!! link is still prettier. find out what viridi say’s in smash bros

Lislex1 says:

I SAID is that Namine and he said KINGDOM HEARTS

Mayer Ahmadoo says:

13:05 beat reminds me on diddy kong racing

CaptainBroski says:

tina must have messed my boy up, makes me want to cry almost lol

W says:

The intro is emotional as fuck as he reads the text and then “Now… fuck! I can’t read the shit?”

Yuмιє ღ says:

the intro and reading is hilarious XD

Aaron washington says:

who is lorry and tina

Blockz says:

When he said lory and the music hit


I didn’t hear no link

my awesome nickname says:

who tf is tina?

James Bruce says:

That intro is golden

Lislex1 says:

Ok the beginning music sounds like Kingdom Hearts and yes I know final fantasy was in Kingdom Hearts

Princess Tia says:

In the beginning when he was reading words he couldn’t pronounce, had me dying!

Jordy Herrera says:

Who is Tina and lorry

Jenavieve' Williams says:


Matt Z says:

Best video intro ever

D -Ry says:

Am I the only one who wants Dashie to do another gameplay of this game?

Dota 2 Legends says:

i like the intro tho xD

Katie Bear says:

“Prince Noctis Lucis ‘Unshunshunsh’ …”

W0LfGOLD says:

they will travel to…shunhsnsgsnsjn

the plug boii says:

we’re clawd at mah boiz

Harrison Tao, Formlery The Inspiring Rice says:

Where is Link mentioned?

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