Let’s Try: Fort Triumph – XCOM Style Game in a Fantasy Setting – Part 1 [Early Access Gameplay]

Checking out Fort Triumph – a tactical RPG in a fantasy setting, emphasizing the use of environmental interactions. In Fort Triumph, you command a party of heroes who set out to change the world, one quest at a time.

Fort Triumph on Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/612570/Fort_Triumph/

Fort Triumph – Official Website: https://forttriumph.com/

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Edward Clay says:

Interesting game. As a fan of tactical RPGs and fantasy I might have to pick this one up at some point. I hope you play more of it.

David Von Internetsen says:

But where is Fantasy Bradford with his Sweater of Lecturing???

Gabe Myers says:

In before Theodore becomes heir to the throne /paradox

getter7seven says:

Seems promising, though also of a sort that will be best after out of early access as opposed to something like Slay the Spire that inherently has something of a smoother transition baked in directly.

smiling bandit says:

3 goblins have disliked the vid^^

Fort Triumph says:

Holy moly… what a day to be a tactics dev 🙂 Thank you so much for taking our game for a spin Marbozir, most of the team knows and follows your channel pretty regularly so we’re obviously floored.

Great tactics on this one as expected, I’ll only say – give Kick and Whirlwind (and the other physics abilities) a chance, that one unlucky miss does not represent their true potential and power, when enemies are dug in behind cover – make that cover work as your weapon. When bosses have high HP, you can stun them for a turn or two using objects or by smashing them against walls, buying time to focus down minions.

Can’t wait for the next episode ^_^

o0alessandro0o says:

‘85%… Nope, miss.” Yeah, definitely getting that XCom vibe :p

Patrick Hall says:

Interesting. Wonder how this will play out.

Milamber Puc says:

I think you missed a chest in the area before you had to defend for 5 turns, other than that the game seems nice and more around gameplay but we haven’t seen enough of the story yet.

hueheuhuehBR says:

brokeback didnt read anything

JustAMuffinLover says:

reminds me of old ps1/2 games with this kind of aesthetic… really liking it!

David W. says:

Looks really nice and cute and I like you can play with the environment! 🙂

Adrian Asura says:

I’m loving this game. It needs more “lets plays.” Make sure you kick monsters into objects to stun them. And you forgot a health potion near the start of the game.

DerAva says:

Really amazed how much it improved compared to the early Alpha version I got to play about a year ago. Will have to give this one another closer look.

Aaron Plass says:

Did you mean: *_Fire Emblem_*

auto27user says:

the witty dialogues openly make fun of traditional fantasy tropes, and collision mechanic is decent; graphic… need polishing

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