Let’s Play World of Final Fantasy – PS4 Gameplay Part 1 – Gotta Catch Em All! Final Fantasy?

Embark on an adventure unlike any before to an all new WORLD OF FINAL FANTASY. With charming, stylized visuals for both the young and the young at heart, players will collect, raise, and battle iconic monsters by stacking them to form adorable yet strategic monster towers. The memorable legends of FINAL FANTASY come to life in this imaginative, colorful world as an epic story fit for the smallest of heroes unfolds.

Encounter new friends and familiar FINAL FANTASY heroes as they learn the truth about their pasts.
Two siblings journey to a mysterious land to rediscover their lost memories. In this peculiar place where stacking things on one’s head is perfectly normal, the young monster tamers will encounter new friends and familiar FINAL FANTASY heroes as they learn the truth about their pasts.


A New Twist on Classic Battles: Master an all new battle system where players can utilize their captured monsters to create powerful towers of monsters to fight foes. Use the monsters’ size, element, and order effectively to win the battle!

Customize, Evolve & Saddle Up: Strategize over endless customization options by turning monsters into ability-boosting magicite, leveling and evolving them to gain new specializations, or simply ride them to travel faster over the vast landscapes of this toy-like world.

A World of Vertical Possibility: Dive into vertically stacked dungeons and use creature abilities and magicite effects to get past obstacles and progress. In this world of stacking objects, the sky is truly the limit!

Get on PS4: https://www.playstation.com/en-us/games/world-of-final-fantasy-ps4/


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Sean McClary says:

VA for original Spider-Man cartoon series from the ’90s. Just an FYI

SilverWingedOne says:

36:15 Leeroy Jenkins moment.

Jim Cherry says:

Oh japan thank you…. I guess.

Patrick Joyner says:

lol every tutorial ive seen you do, you jabber on about praying that this or that doesnt stay that way…its a tutorial… its inherent that those menial cutscenes and animations wont last…chill

mberserk says:

Certeza que essa merda é pra fãs de FF?
Faz muita referência pra pokemon. Que coisa de viado!

Celio Hogane says:

I hope this game gets good sales, because Final Fantasy returning to the turn based system is a yes for me.

Trini360X says:

wonderbots why are you a robot for no reason

Thegoodoldaysafter911 says:

This looks like some weird kingdom hearts thing. Sucks how you can’t cycle your saves tho.

DkXboxer says:

I liked it better when the cute fix thing was silent and on top of his head. It was endearing.

Todd Potts says:

Wold of final fantasy

Maty Giff says:

Tama is Navi and some of those in the links games

kerr andrew says:

the artstyle in the title is the artstyle of old final fantasy games almost all final fantasy has that kind of artstyle for their logo and watchmojo consider that concept artstyle to be number 1 in gaming

Domin04 general says:

For some reason I spent 15 minutes of the video watching it in 1.25 speed somehow.

Jacob Kloutier says:

Thank you I am one of the people who need the voices to follow.

HGScout says:

I confuse

Joe Chin Sue says:

Yoshitaka Amano drew it all the same. It’s subjective to opinion, but it’s reminiscent to the various titles.

Muamer Alicic says:

nice keep up the good work

Alex Gallegos says:

my god this game is ASS in English..play it subbed

dylan yaj says:

nap voice over better

kupology says:

just found this let’s play and i love your narration thank you!

♞ Go Fuck Yourself ♞ says:

Chocolina is the best vendor in videogame history, I love her. 😀

“The name’s Chocolatte.”

Now that her name’s changed I start to think she’s obnoxious. :/

Simone Lackner says:

^ ^Ty for share, greets ReRiX,.peace. seeya around,..

RamesGamesLC says:

Oh god, It’s being as annoying as me. I say “never-the-mind” when I ask a question that basically immediately answers itself, or something of the like and someone responds to it.

TundraCrow says:

Who ever thought about making this game this damn cute is a genius. Its a breath of fresh air based on the yes upon years of grit and grime for games of a more complex and older demographic. I’m 27 when I made this post and I like the cute things in this game damn it! So cute they make you wish you could puke sparkling rainbows.

Chance Falasiri says:

“…jesus christ” perfectly describes my feelings about these characters too lmao

marcus dewhurst says:

Lann looks a hell of a lot like cloud from seven

Jeffrey Wong says:

Does stats and skills get transfer over when you transfigured a mirage?

Mornan Anchy says:

Tama is going to get annoying very fast…

Kelam Brown says:

will this be a 100% lets play? (at least intended to be?)

painkiller 101 says:

anime awesome

Nerd Letter says:

There’s actually an anime that (Sort of?) has the kind of art style shown in the 2d intro sequence thing. It’s called Panty and Stocking.

WingDing Gaster says:

7:10 she is basically me XD
but you know

Blood Blossom says:

I will never get tired of rewatching this with someone so cool

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