Let’s Actually Try the Worst Final Fantasy Game of All Time

Today we give a chance and a fair shot to what is usually considered to be the worst Final Fantasy ever made. Join me for this brief playthrough of Final Fantasy: All the Bravest.

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Nic Anastasi says:

I love All The Bravest, love to laugh at it 😉

JetBlack Jay says:

Final Fantasy 7 Eh 13 bad

LannCarvas says:

“How bad can it be?”

Very bad…

alphaproto says:

Moore is a town from FFV…
And the Big Bridge wasn’t even near it.

BorneGamer says:

What’s the worst mainline FF game in your opinion? My one is 8 for many reasons I mentioned on your stream,.

Veer Pal says:

Oh no

Planarwalk says:

Still not a true fan untill you buy something in all the bravest

TurianArbiter856 says:

God I remember spending so much time on this shit in high school when I was bored as hell in class

Lucas Vinicius says:

This game looks really cool


The world map gives me a Mystic Quest vibe.

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