KingsTale Final Fantasy XV Gameplay Footage

Kingstale Final Fantasy 15 Gameplay shown on the gamestop expo stream. Looks pretty fun, only available through pre-order at gamestop or eb games. Played on Ps4 or Xbox One


TheTippsAttack says:

Dude really likes apples, but I strong suggest NOT eating apples you find off the floor while killing demon like oni looking swordsmen.

NoctisCrystallisXV says:

This look really fun! I got the day one edition from Gamestop which i am going to sell and Keeping Kings Tale FFXV. But I already the UCE I am going to keep it.

Ahmed Ibrahim says:

will you upload the other gameplay of ffxv & stuff ?

Dubloon Seven says:

Getys is a total tool, and shill. Terrible interviewer. GTFO

Nick E says:

lol he kept asking him stupid questions that were either obvious or already answered 5 sec before. I.e. he mentions there are summons like 5 times then the guy asks if there are summons..

lordcini says:

I´m really excited to play ff 15 but I don´t want to buy a new console for it :c, maybe it will come for pc some months after release of ps4 and xbox one?

Ze Nick says:

movie,three games(this, 3d game plus the soon to be released mmo mobile game), anime this is insane ive never seen a ff get this much love from its creators (besides ff vii) this is really gonna be the biggest ff game ever released.

Phồng Tôm says:

King Regis is a fucking badass

Eric Estrada says:

I’m buying the “ULTIMATE” Collector’s Edition, and I can’t get this game, so much for ultimate, eh?

Pamela Ibis says:

this one should have been the vita version of ffvx

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