Incredible Fantasy Siege Weapons vs. Giant Castle [MFW] – Scrap Mechanic Gameplay

You can’t have a Medieval Fantasy World without a Medieval Castle! Today we are looking at some amazing siege weapons designed to destroy enemies in war. We have cannons, catapults, rams, and trebuchets. Let’s see if the castle can withstand the power of these medieval fantasy weapons!

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What is Scrap Mechanic?

Scrap Mechanic is a multiplayer sandbox game with imagination and ingenuity at its core. Create fantastic machines, transforming vehicles or sneaky traps. The possibilities are endless with Scrap Mechanics powerful tools.

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Federico Scalise Giussani says:

22:23 and the castle

wesamzxc says:

Manjaniq is the term we use for a trebuchet in saudi arabia

Jaden Walker says:

if possible at the end of the series you should have a war against your friends.

SavageChickenStudios says:

after you say ‘oh oh oh’ i got an o’reilly’s auto parts ad.

Aejae says:

Happy to see 2 of my creations! 🙂

Edit: I updated the catapult to Scrapman’s request.

Tristan games And tramp says:

The dwarfs focus on luxuries and have spent a long time developing them into modern things but after humans focused on warfare killing them of and now the humans are facing on luxuries and are soon to be taken over by another species and the cycle continues (this is also hinting at the next two community series.) 🙂

Anddroid _ says:

Wear wolfes are can buld and they are mosters arent they?

GG Scuti MIKO says:

Cannon breedin’ dragon?

Akhil Davis says:


Peder Fjellheim Skillingstad says:

6,1k th

LockDown 5413 says:

I love a good nose hole

Etlar Lousy Gamer says:

Hey Scrapman, Could you do a multiplayer monday with the trabuchet… #CastleSiege

jemrules says:

Can you help me with this error
If you can help please reply the answer

_ JA_ says:

21:06 A S O O M

Elliot Holbrook says:


LukaThe Gamer says:

21:07 What was that noise i asuuume

iNomb says:

More Astroneer pls 😀

Sniper_fox 666 says:

you should make a plane that can drop missiles or bombs ( if you use spud guns you could shoot out cardboard that’s holding missiles)

Amar Mešić says:

Poor castle =(

Erika Wolters says:

Colossal titan for one of the walls
Attack On Titan

Emerald_Guy 123 says:

THESE BUILDS ARE EPICCC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111

Henry Vaudreuil says:

I’ve tried to figure this one out… …how did make TNT launcher in scrap mechanism?

de fesh king 57 says:

#hobbits rock

Shogun Fury says:

Canons are not medieval 🙁 🙁 No canons!!!

Elliot Holbrook says:

If the flail wagon had a longer rope then goodbye frames.

HardShepard OrWil says:

There is dragon kin. Human dragons basicly. The features of a dragon but with two and hands feet. 9 foot tall. A dragon born is similar but more human.

Thanh Tran says:

Do a battel whit kan and moonbo

Jamie Price says:

The triple trebuchet failed at the end because the reload mechanism glitched through the arm and stoped it from firing.

luis torres says:

Mack more videos on this

Tristen Benner says:

With the flail you actually do not want a long chain on a flail. It needs to be short enough so if you hold it upright it won’t drop down and stab your own hand. You also have more control with a short chain

KERN says:

COde scrap man in the item shop

SgtSetzer says:

You should check out stonehearth if your enjoying the MFW

Jason Simpson says:

On the orc ballista you can replace the spud pipe with a burster block to make it shoot bolts instead

King Nedya says:

All I could think while the dragon was shooting at the wall but missing because of the castle’s position:
“It’s over [dragon cannon]! I have the high ground!”

Littlekitty 338 says:

Hi there!!!

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