I’M SORRY BAHAMUT! | Final Fantasy X-2 Gameplay Walkthrough Part 15

It’s been too long since I had a Final Fantasy on the channel & because you all loved Final Fantasy X so much I’ve decided to complete that series and play Final Fantasy X-2. I hope you enjoy the Final Fantasy X-2 gameplay and I will try and get the best Final Fantasy X-2 ending.

What is Final Fantasy X-2?
Final Fantasy X-2 is a role-playing video game developed and published by Square for the PlayStation 2, as the direct sequel to Final Fantasy X. The game’s story follows the character Yuna from Final Fantasy X as she seeks to resolve political conflicts in the fictional world of Spira before it all leads to war.

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Gameplay recorded using Elgato HD60 Pro. Buy yours here – https://www.elgato.com/en/gaming/game-capture-hd60-pro


ether92 says:

I kicked my PS2 while playing this game, so much hate.

Tong Yoon says:

Bahamut got rekt

L BS says:

r.i.p bahamut

Nothing Dust says:

Hey are you planning on picking up. Fallout76 when it comes out

lucas v says:

When hit in your nostalgy.

Ernest Wong says:

You excited for nioh 2 suzy ?

DJAB87 says:

If you ever come back to the Bevelle Underground Suzy, there’s a puzzle to solve with the towers that will allow you to get to a lower level which leads to a chest with a Ribbon inside. It’s a little tricky so i’d use the guide.

Gameslayer 9000 says:

Cool can’t wait for next time

michael chung says:

Should probably use trigger happy instead if you want to use gunner since it does more damage

Eric Pena says:

Hey Suzy, the last chest that seems out of your reach before the baralai boss fight contains the awesome Dark Knight dressphere. You should definitely get it when you can.


Ur pretty

Alfred H says:

Hey Suzy, I have a tip for you that I used to do with Black Magic in this game. Try timing Trigger Happy with a Gunner and R1 mash right before the Rikku’s spell gets cast.
The Chain bonus from repeated hits and the final blast of -ga magic does huge damage.

laSarAdark says:


andrew duffy says:

X2 is always on easy mode lol

Phil says:

Hiya Suzy glad you r liking the game 😀

Alexandre Aparecido says:

Hey Suzy I think you can buy one of the itens from oaka( can’t remenber It now) them sell It for him for the same price or almost, If you do this constantly you’ll be able to pay his debt.

delaney k says:

yes. And while i was waiting for days, i been watching a live stream ffx. Suzy Lu. I like watching ffx and ffx-2 walk-through

Shariq Haque says:

Can u make a gameplay video of final fantasy 15?

the punisher says:

Awesome gameplay suzy

daniel zuk says:

If I was you beautiful? I would use my strategy guide you have. So it can help.

MrSpecTech 94 says:

I was waiting on this video Suzy!! Keep up the good work I love you and God bless!

Dark Apostle Nemeroth says:

r.i.p behamut

jae an says:

when you go to luca the only way to get ladyluck dressphere is to win the sphere break tournament. the easiest way to do it is to play against the man in brown and green running around in a circle. the old man on the bridge and the woman in blue talking to someone else. to beat shinra focus on getting as many echos as possible in 2s and 3s. good luck

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