GRANBLUE FANTASY VERSUS Gameplay Trailer – New Fighting Game by Arc System Works (PS4)

GRANBLUE FANTASY VERSUS Gameplay Trailer – New Fighting Game by Arc System Works (PS4)

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Alexander Goldstein says:

It’s surprising to see not one but two different spinoffs to the mobile game being developed somewhat alongside one another. Makes me wonder if we will see more mobile games like granblue getting actual full fledged spinoffs made.

beepybop says:

I really hope Rackam becomes playable. I need to know what the hell a “Duration” is.

Dzulfiqar Bagas Tito says:

Why so much lag?

Teodor The Entertainer says:

Will this be ps4 exclusive?

L2P says:

Looks dope af

Van Text says:

I can make ryona out of this

Alucard632 says:

Sky Knights!!!!

Reber Osman says:

Why cant they make jojos bizzare fighting game 2D

mamertvonn says:

generally looks like a jrpg near the lines of fire emblem

YourSensus says:

There’s a lot of character combat styles they can use but Rosine is gonna be top tier.

Almighty Genius says:

Looks Good

g.briel b.tista says:

wait, is comingo two grand blue games? wow

Voltage Vocaloid says:

Arcsystem is the place to go for anime games done right.

Kuroi Kaze says:

Why graphics are so bad? =

GhengisJohn says:

Man that Arc imitation 2d tech just keeps getting better and better. This is beautiful.

lil whale says:

I say its roster is to 20 to 25

Soki Moh says:

I only know granblue fantasy from hentai.

Jonathan Patterson says:

Not super into Granblue, but the medieval aesthetic looks so sick in a fighting game.

Lela Kurayami says:

They’re getting quite ambitious making two Granblue Fantasy games at once. But I swear if Vira gets in this she is going to be my main I will train myself to be the best Vira player ever!

ItamarO93 says:

And no Feather? The guy screams Fighting Game Character

Guala Nejo says:

looks like 28fps

Kaywynn Jones says:

So they have an action adventure RPG in the works, AND a fighting game?

Dustin Nguyen says:

as someone who loves guilty gear and plays granblue fantasy… This makes me very very happy

Joshua Rodriguez says:

Please Arc System Works make a One Piece fighting game we can be proud of

Lord God says:

I’ve never played GranBlue, I have no interest in that mobile game.

But ArcSys, you make it tempting. Keep it up with these FighterZ styled games and I’ll be destroyed trying to balance too many fighting games.

Wayne Bruce says:

Look so cool, if only i am into fighting game, will wait for RPG version of it.

AI Finale says:

I wish I could see a Fate fighting game by Arc System Works one day

Jadzia Nazario Lopez says:

So, will this get a dub too? because These 2D games have really great dub!

Krimson K-9 says:

Gimme bleach, then we can talk

Ty Heartfilia says:

Guilty Gear X Fire Emblem… Prove me wrong

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