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Bainbow says:

See this is good and all, but if we don’t get Seofon or Beatrix, I *will* riot.

GrimmLow says:

1st thing to note is that when Gran used his fireball it indicated a flick special where it required a flick of the control stick before a button input (See: Hyde’s Orbiter). Second, if you listen closely, the specials are indicated by a sound (Katalina’s thrust). Just wanted to point that out.

TheMismatcher says:

Good work my man. You seem to missed something between the Gran and Katalina interaction where, towards the end, Katalina does some sort of dodge/roll through Gran’s normal.
Edit: Oh and the blue armour guy (Lancelot) did a ex teleport when big gurl Yggdrasil came out.

Xeno ExE says:


Dbly216 0 says:

Nice. Always looking forward to these analysis videos. Keep up the good work. Also, (you probably knew this already) Katalina is voiced by FGO’s Mordred (Miyuki Sawashiro).

Jin Kisaragi says:

JoJo is having a cross with Granblue m8.

Dana says:

I don’t think Yggdrasil will be playable at all. They did say that they wanted to have content for people who don’t like the losing aspect of pvp. I think it might be a boss battle for the story rather than a part of Lowain’s kit.

Masterzero86 says:

well, in the first trailer the main guy was summoning that big dragon so it’S not realy far fetched that the summon system is a real thing

superjam18 says:

Xbox cant get any fight games!!! …*throws a childish fit*

Matheus Bezerra says:

I wanna a new blazblue game

Nikhil Bhavani says:

The blue guy’s name is Lancelot

Doze Wilheim says:

If this game is just

Hit -> Hit -> Special -> Oki

That’s a major Y i k e s from me. The aesthetic of the game is awesome. The visuals look sick. But man… That type of game-play I feel isnt gonna make it passed launch day. I hope there’s cool combos (even if they’re short) like SF4 or SOMETHING exciting besides a few visual flairs.

Keeping my fingers crossed!

trueblueclue says:

The Summons/Primals are weapons from the Astral War. Yugu is a reference to the Lowain and Bros event so outside of Gran I don’t see other summons. If Vira is included we may see Luminiera/Chevalier which is her lore associated summon.

The pillars are her standard attack, the “fireball” is another skill whose name I forgot and the last move is Luminox Genesis.

Masterzero86 says:

and about your personal pick, I think that chances are high since… let’s face it… her core values make her realy populare

NierTheAbyss says:

I’m really looking forward to seeing more of this game. This game has the potential to be the fighting game I dedicate myself to

Atonomus Xul says:

Glory to the brofamily.

Pancake with a 12 pack says:


ELES says:

Wow that was fast, this trailer was shown only a day before and now you have a breakdown. Awesome work!

mojo says:

Ik they want the game to be Simplistic and Super approachable for Casuals but why cant they do Stylish/Technical modes? Even though the game looks gr8 and the characters looks fun

xTavera1910 says:

15:20 oh no is this boy a izanami

Cynist says:

Character wish lists: Summer Zooey (just to break the game again). otherwise Any Juutensuu or Andira. Monika also has to be in this.

izzadk86 says:

Lore wise, there are a few characters that “have” connection with summons and since they are part of the main crew like Katalina, they should have a high chance to be in the game. Rackham, the fire gunner have Tiamat, Eugen the water gunner have Leviathan and Io the fire magician have the Rose Queen. But will they put it in the game, who knows

izzadk86 says:

Now I wonder if any of the JuuTenShu / Eternals will be in this game

hurricanemac says:

Who do I want to be in the roster? Eugen, Soriz and Jin

… I also want Walder in the roster but I doubt it would ever happen.

KingSalomon _ says:

Lil Wayne looking fun!

Dolphin Senpai says:

my excitement grows.

FLTheAnimeGuy Mk. Trillion says:

Liking the pyramid shuffle.

Luigi Arzuffi says:

Yggy (the summon) is the platonic love of one of Lowain’s bros, so I think it’s only for Lowain.

Giulio Colombini says:

lackeys? they are his brothers .-.

Michael Patrick says:

I hope this game goes to EVO in the future.

Bıg Bøss says:

I just want P5A to come out tbh

Fallen White says:

So, for the trip up special, given the best translation of the commentary I can give is “Next up, WTF Cygames”, and Lancelot has projectile teleport mixups, they are TOTALLY overhead and low. (EX Version likely has the 2nd hit goes mid if it connects though)

Fallen White says:

Also, given how nuts characters look, would Senko no Ronde boss mode be SO far fetched?

Toxic Ether says:

When I first looked at it, I thought this would be something special to Lowian. I doubt everyone else will have the ability to summon a monster or god/goddess because in GBF, its specified that only Gran can do summons because he shares the same life force as Lyria. I know Lowian’s summon contradicts this but since Lowian has a relationship with that summon(I’m not even going to bother spelling her name), it makes sense that she is special to that character I guess. I did think that it would be cool if characters could do summons to make this game unique.

Hijiri Byakuren says:



Try his Side Event story it’s hilarious and funny

Btw they are called bro’s

Xxnoobx X says:

Core values??

Markwentsleightlymad says:

This jerky stop and start is annoying AF to watch.

lucifer Kai says:

Lowain and his bros are joke characters. They are loved by the fans for their wild imagination. Yugu (the summon) is one of their imagination gags beside Lady Katapillar (that lil robot special that look like Katalina) and many more. It’s pretty much their unique thing reference to their event stories.

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