Granblue Fantasy Relink – NEW Gameplay Demo (PlatinumGames Action RPG) PS4

Granblue Fantasy Relink Gameplay Demo – PlatinumGames Action RPG (PS4)

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jamarr 27 says:

I hope this is multiplayer

inverlock says:

Damn I thought we would be playing Katalina in this game. Kind of a downgrade to play a generic jrpg protag. Emphasis on generic/no character because you apparently get to pick between a female/male character with no story impact…

cdmanjak says:

Is there going to be co op

Gameboynitro 9 says:

I have a feeling the next tales of game will look similar to this.

Wayne Teo says:

Omg…it looks better than final fantasy lol

satria amiluhur says:

Will it be available on xbox one?

Midoras Diabano says:

Ok but when can I play it in englay?

Scorpionz _ says:

Dont know nothing about this game but it looks awesome!!

Lucael says:

the only thing i notice, was the ‘sugoii’ -,-

Nafis Zaman says:

Persona and Granblue both Exclusives??!!?

MavC says:

This Looks fcking insane!

HY LAU says:

Art style looks like Brave Default , combat like Tales, this game looks great. The ost is amazing. can’t wait !!!!

Ex Snow says:

This is the obvious evolution that the Tales of games needs to follow right now. DAMN.

Squall Leonhart says:

Espectacular si sale en español lo compraré de salida

Simon Duan says:

Someone buy lyria a pair of shoes please.

Shinmen Musashi says:

remind me of KH and Final Fantasy. More to my must play lisy

Amego Taka says:

Relase date?

Gus Gus says:

Looks hell ok IMHO

3lDb says:

7:49 7u7

quisuis1 says:

wow just wow, please bring it to USA it be day 1 for me with dual audio. someone know went it be release ???

Theo Crei says:

I’m almost broke because of the recent PSN sale time to rest my wallet and wait for Cyberpunk 2077, GOT, Death stranding, Judge Eyes and definitely this one (PRIORITY)

Anas Bakhit says:

the characters looks so Xenblade chronicles 2-ish, but due to the more powerful hardware it’s already looks 4 times better.

jamarr 27 says:

Hold up…… platinum games, now I’m interested

KeemstarIsTheGreatestYoutuberOfAllTime says:

Don’t know shit or care about Granblue but I love Plat and holy shit this game looks fantastic.

Bregas Sa says:

PS4 Exclusive ? or not ?

MihaSith says:

Why they won’t shut up?

Dat Nguyen says:

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 for the Switch 2.

Ryan Blackwell says:

I like the fact you can play as Gran! He wasn’t in the original trailers but I love his character design!

Zerokun 7 says:

PC release, when?!

Panzer Meyer says:

Better than Squeenix

Victor Bladin says:

That intro sure gave me beautiful Venus & Braves memories T_T

Tsunami Barrier says:

desu desukaga@@

maroonroon says:

That last scene was really jrpg visual porn..

mel b says:

this and project awakening, im super hyped

The Turokxz Channel says:


Jflowization says:

man i’ve been waiting for this game since it was first announced years ago, i’m sooo hyped for this, but the only grip i have with this game is that i wish there was a character creator, i would love to create literally a Guts like character to either be Gran/Djeetas and Lydia’s protector or even be the captain of the Grancypher crew, i guy could dream haha

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