Granblue Fantasy ReLink | 15 Minutes of New Gameplay

Check out 15 minutes of brand new gameplay from the upcoming action RPG Granblue Fantasy ReLink.
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ImaBakemono says:

Hmm, might have to get a PS4 just for this.

Hyakuju 47 says:

wow the combat is so fluid, all i need now is proof that there is a good story and im all in

GrykenX says:

this game look awesome i like the anime too

Fahmi Tajjuddin says:

Soooooooo…………………….. there will be gacha right?

ncken987 says:

I put this on my must buy list

anynameavailablewtf says:

I’m too poor to own a PS4 so it’s not on my radar ;p

manuelito1233 says:

Developed by PLATINUM is HUGE. Their track record may be all over the place but when they nail it, they NAIL IT.

Arif Lewar says:

This is RPG i want!

Christopher Williams says:

I watch an anime of this and i’m excited to play an actual Granblue Fantasy.

Codell Burton says:

Holy crap I’ve been following this game a bit and I’m so freakin pumped. This is totally a day one purchase!

Commissar Zaku says:

I loved the anime. And this totally reminds me of “Skies of Arcadia”.

That game needs a remake….yes…

After Life says:

I hope this comes to Xbox or the switch because I don’t have a PS4 and I also need something to play on switch, I have been keeping an eye out for this game and have even watched the anime sub and dub and I’m really excited for it

Skyform says:

I want this game in my life. The thought of GBF ActionRPG Platinum Games 4 player online gets me goin.

Dragonsmana says:

For everyone wondering, even if it doesn’t receive a “proper” western release, it has been confirmed the game will be localized into English, French, Italian, German, and Spanish. So even in a “worst case scenario” it will be very import friendly!

panagiotis pachos says:

@Arekkz Love your videos but can’t stand the way you speak. Its like you have no idea how to have a decent flow. You speak really fast, thats not a bad thing, problem starts when you interupt every god damn 5-10 seconds with a loud BUT!!! I bet if someone watches your videos with headphones he will get a hearing problem eventually or broken headphones. Its so annoying and it is really sad cause you have one of the most interesting channels in youtube.

Ben K says:

Hype for this, platinum games is really good at doing combat and the art is gorgeous in this game.

XxSacredFatalisxX says:

I’ve been wondering what happened to this game! I need this in my life pls Platinum & Cy games!

the wolf says:

Day one buy IDGAFFF

The God says:

seems like they have the same voice actors as well. HYPE!

bdbgh says:

Looks amazing

They even got the same voice actors

Rammiel Roque says:

This is for console only right..?

Late Sleeper says:

Arekks has not played a Platinum game he didn’t like.
So i guess he hasn’t played ‘Legend of Korra’ and the TMNT game they did.

Mitchell Shuster says:

I loved the anime!

Angel Rivera says:

Where can i preorder? Lol

Justin King says:

Standard fighting looks okay, but the boss fights my god it looks great, like an adaptive full motion tales game with actual dodging mechanics <3 hyped

Cory Odom says:

This is the first time I’m hearing of this. Is it single player? If so how much do you control the companions? Should I watch the anime? Will that spoil this game?

Who Cares says:

Pretty fucked up that we are fucked in the giveaway if we don’t give you guys money.

Ayakashi Hadate says:

wonder is this gonna be ps4 exclusive. would love to play this type of game on the go, like on switch

CJCool1997 says:

This is probably a stupid question is there a character creation

Admiral Aiman says:

i just want the switch

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