Granblue Fantasy Project Re: Link Gameplay Trailer – PlatinumGames Action RPG (PS4)

Granblue Fantasy Project Re: Link Gameplay Trailer – PlatinumGames Action RPG (PS4)
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Lights JusticeZ says:

Game looks great! Though I wonder if anyone would be offended if I said it looks like a GameCube game?

TheOneLane says:

Turn based RPGs are dead! Long live Real Time!

Kirby C says:

Wait wut?! platinum games!!!

cj llaneta says:

That is only her low level armor the high level armor is half naked

Fallofduty says:

game will be on pc too i think so ps4 and pc games no xbox

Aj00098 says:

Hmm, wonder if you can kill kids?

Gabriel L says:

The battles remind me of Fate Grand Order

Desert says:

It looks just like the anime!

Jbert_113 says:

Females in Knights gound

Akane Tendo says:


TheOneLane says:

I’m going to pay the hell out of this game until my thumbs are bloody. I can’t wait to get my hands on what will surely be a masterpiece.

Wellington Anjo says:

Platinum games nunca erra comigo!! Traz sempre os jogos pro meu estilo!!!

Nine says:

One word.

Wi Hai Liang says:

why only ps4….

Kelvin Martinez says:

Girls will full armor??wow you don’t see that everyday in Japan.

Vince O. says:

I see you, Platinum.

Nero BeatS says:


Xai Lionheart says:

This game looks amazing. love the artstyle kinda reminds me of dragon quest xi.

Ghost Cat says:

Gah. That sound from her armor sounds more like she’s bringing a lot of coins with her.

His_Masters_Dance says:

We don’t deserve Platinum. We really dont

DarKDrizzyy says:

This looks damn good

Topher W says:

Wonder if the west will ever see this game. The mobile it’s based off of was never released outside of Japan.

Gaviota Casas says:


Nerdy Nikki says:

Yup. On my want list.

AsapKimchi says:

US release next year?

mel b says:

yes plz make the story grand and bring it west because everything else looks great

xin0 says:

i like games like this.
unlike Dynasty Warriors where things are just damn repetitive and easy boring.

Platinum Games, i bet they made this demo within 2 weeks, knowing them.

the only thing this game is missing is dialogue while fighting, this was cool in Tales of Symphonia.
don’t like other Tales games.

Tomé Filho says:

Where is Gran and Djeeta?

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