Granblue Fantasy Project Re: Link First Gameplay (PS4)

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Recorded from Cygames’ Granblue Fes 2017 Nico Nico Livestream:


Rikter Terran says:

What the fuck it actually looks good. Par for the course for Platinum obviously, it’s nice to see the characters from all those hentai doujins in stunning current gen graphics.

evilashxero says:

Wow. I wasn’t expecting it to look this nice. Platinum have their ups and downs, especially when budget and time come into play. Seems like they got enough of both to make things look nice. Hopefully the game isn’t super short.

Max Max says:

is it japan porn ?! ( …. Judging by the sound )

Unco Lober says:

Jesus christ, I they stopped squeaking.

SundownTE says:

Finally, the last year I spent playing a stupid mobage will pay off

Nyanpasuu says:

shit fps console my f*king eyes!!

DietGuitar1992 says:


Totally not Darkstalker Kaathe says:

Looks a lot like TERA.

FURognar says:

Wow! Combat looks like a cross between Tales of and Star Ocean. Nice!

Hugo Freitas says:

Wee need direct footage of this

Neo Gaming Channel says:

Platinum Games are masters of gameplay

Christian Dunn says:

Rage of bahamut next pleeeeaaaassee!!!

Sevet123 says:

Looks very good so far 🙂

Shingaming says:

When 2d stilled images comes to life….
That town, that bgm, that graphic, (and those familiar npc, lol) !!! Gorgeous!!
Hope we will get at least an Asian English subtitle release.

Van Courtesy says:

I WANT IT NOW!!! Thought it would be an mmo..

arth.48 says:


Tiago Marcelino says:

NOSSAAAA… que bosta

Squalington Constantine says:

Too much sugoi and kawaii

Moe Meister says:

Subbed version of this video please…

probo rahadianto says:

Can’t they commenting other than fucking sugoi?

OmegaMetroid93 says:

Player: *zooms in on girl’s butt*
Commentators: “uuooohhhhh”

Dammit, I love this. XD

AttackOn Cake says:

Ok… why have I not heard of this game? Looks freakin’ amazing!

Sleeping Forest says:

Please for the love of anime and video games please let this come to the USA oh also please take my money now.

RM_Prime says:

Please tell me Activision has no hand in this. They always rush Platinum Games and the result is always decent but shy of greatness. Then look at the likes of Bayonetta 2. Nintendo allowed Platinum a few years to develop it and the result was phenomenal.

Harvey Dent says:

looks really good, and fun.


no gran djeeta?

setsuna says:


。かまぼこ says:


Somnio says:

Pa san! Pa sama! Pa sama! Kakkoi!

luqmanr says:

this is platinum right? combat looks dope

Elias Santana says:

Wooooo woooo
Eeee wooooo woooo

Mario Mcmeans says:

It reminds me of Suikoden 3 <3

Noblesse Oblige says:

The best visuals ever + PG combat + Granblue … This is paradise.

ntdk Roy_ says:


Devan Octavian says:

Buying this as soon as this becomes available.

Kovaelin says:

People just freaking out because Granblue.

Poppy Bolada says:

Exclusive for PS4? Oh really? How many months will we wait to play on the PC? PC gamer market growing every year … I hope it comes out on the same date, I do not like to buy a console just to play a game =’/

itsacharcoalice says:

Man japanese shoutcasting sounds more obnoxious to me than any annoying let’s play screamlord

Obiri says:

I see Percy, I’m content.
also, do my ears hear Lowain?

そこら辺の海月 says:


Matthew Pipes says:

I don’t see any Switch port begging in here, cause most people that owns a Switch actually owns a PS4 as well. So what is this I’m hearing about Nintendo Switch owners port begging for this game? I barley see Nintendo fans port beg for exclusives. Third party mulitplats…that’s a whole different story.

Blükt says:

Roses are red
Violets are blue
I came for the thumbnail
So did you

mighty n n says:


D Z says:


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