GAMEPLAY – Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition HD

9/13/18 – FFXV Pocket Edition HD was released today for the Nintendo Switch. This is the first 19 minutes or so. It seems to chug a bit every so often, but over all not too shabby! I’m looking forward to replaying the game in this style!


Stealth Killer says:

free on windows 10…and its 3,7 GB for god sake…and another 344mb download in game before playing…damn

RockitoGaming says:

I thought it was smart that Nintendo even tossed it on sale right out the gate. Only paid like 27 bucks and it’s great! Excited for the rest of FF ports onto the switch (please bring ff4 5 and 6 back on the switch I will never put it down)

Terminal Sarcasm says:

This is fucking weird. Final Fantasy VII is trying to get a better remade, meanwhile 15 decided to downgrade. It looks like a bootleg version of the game.

Jen e says:

Enjoyed your video man thank you definitely going to get it on switch

Indy K says:

Is there any japanese voice acting? Also is it open world?

number 11 says:

Wow i actually noticed more pop ins in this version than the original version.

AL says:

This actually looks better than the original. Way less Japanese boy band

Robin Hordijk says:

If i’d get it on Switch, would i get all 10 chapters right from the get go, or do i have to pay extra for that?

「スムーさん」Smoo says:

Can you set the language to Japanese on the English release?

David Coloma says:

Switch has Zelda BotW and… this thing.

Luis NogueiraPT says:

O have it on PS4 but This cute ffxv can t Run from my switch


this sale about to end and i can’t figure out if i should wait for it to be cheaper. i loved the original one. so is this one auto battle like it was on the phone?

CapeMike says:

Having not played the original, but having read about it plenty, I’m confused…is this supposed to be a scaled down version of XV? I.e., is it just the visuals that’ve been scaled down or is a lot of the side-quest stuff missing? I often like to wander off during rpg’s like this to see what I can find….

polo therenciel says:

this shit should be 15 dollars max.. 10 is the sweet spot..

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