Gameplay FF15 with PS4 PRO

Gameplay FF15 with PS4 PRO in TGS 2016.

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Liakos Apostolopoulos says:

this along with horizon zero dawn are the best rpg in many time

KidFrom106 says:

Look at that smooth frame rate and graphics and there’s people talking bad about the PR4 pro no need to upgrade

exierSin says:

Well I might actually get a PS4 PRO just for this game alone.

latiosLai says:

Ps4 pro will be a best console for this game …The graphic actually is what I expected of FFXV’s visual . Ps4 is just a tragedy …

Ryan Coleman says:

Just give me a smooth 30fps and you can have my money square.

Glitch ReKall says:

wow fps on point

Ridwan Taslim says:

Fake or real ?

Zach Thoms says:

looks outstanding!!!

RPG Veteran says:

the difference is huge
ps4 pro is a beast!!!

HeytoyoubudiV2 says:

I’m so glad they increased the FOV

DonSklz123 says:

Wow no pop-ins. I was solely buying Pro because I expected this. Cant wit.

AbsoluteMMA101 says:

1 MORE DAY for PS4 Pro! And 19 more days for FFXV!!! HYPE!!!! n___n Getting the PS4 Pro tomorrow! 😀

Mika Hadi says:

You guys will be surprise no HDR 4K TV that has fast lag input if the HDR feature were enable, the best feature beside 4k from PS4 pro actually HDR it self to bad when this feature enable all input lag will be very slow. maybe we will get this HDR+fast input lag in 2 for 3 years a head.

LionKing 92 says:

so what’s the resolution and frame rate on ps4 pro for this game?

mjxbox says:

so is this running at 60 fps on ps4 pro ?

Izanagiii says:

those shadows are great

nefarious k says:

With 4k Tv?

Semmelklees says:

So even on a Pro the Framerate isn’t around 60, okey, in this case i’ll keep my Money 🙂

Jayjay Myers says:

Ok let me preorder a PS4 pro just for this

hhhayek says:

take my money!

Miikka Nurminen says:

This is why the postponed the release, they want to run up the sales of ps4 pro wiht ff xv

Harvey Dent says:

thanks to the PS4 pro, they can finally keep the game at a stable 25 fps

Hello Hello says:

for $400 this looks pretty good

Liakos Apostolopoulos says:

lighting has been massively better the foliage also looks great
frame rate is stable
looks like technical showcase

le predaturk says:

day one

Jose Cabrera says:

I’d love a PS4 pro but I need a 4K tv first…

Aranea Highwind says:

thats the biggest difference between ps4 pro and ps4
i hope for a ps4 pro ff xv bundle

Sim Simi says:

like si vienes por Djprieto :n

Markss ArgMza says:


Cody Montgomery says:

Seems like it’s running close to 60fps?

Avatar Korra says:

If only I had the money…

RE-L Mayer says:

so,this is one of those type of games that dont really need to be in 60 frames-30 frames is enough,my guess is the 2-3 different performance settings for ps4 pro could be
1st 4k upscale and 30 frames
2nd 1080p(for sure)/with added improved world details/visuals
3rd? unlocked framerate that can reach peak of 60 that drops here and there with 1080p resolution

i dont know yet what settings they will have in store for ps4 pro but if you dont want or cant buy a 4k tv-you should still get ps4 pro because its not only benefit 4k res+its not real 4k anyway.
i got a 4k tv and to be honest i dont think i will pick the setting because id rather have improved details and more of a stable framerate but we will see
oh and dont pay much attention to hdr(high dynamic resolution)
it might be a bad gimmick with terrible colors-mad max comparison hdr vs bluray looked preety bad,unnatural colors,so not just yet it is a viable feature

Chris Brown says:

Is anyone here going to buy the pro for the improved 1080 graphics instead of the upscaling 4k graphic stuff?

BlackFates says:

It’s me, or It is running at 60 FPS? 0:31 It’s too much smooth for running at 30 FPS

Sofiane Benaissa says:

My eyes can’t handle the beauty

slpd7a slpd7a says:

You also need to get a 4k tv, noticed how much more landscape/wider field of view is visible just because running at 4k. so yeah im getting ps4pro and a 4k, its a day1 buy

Ferdinand Andre says:

So, it’s stable 30fps with upgraded graphics (a bit)

Fine, i’ll buy the Pro one instead.

NowIsFuture says:

what is the TV model ?

M says:

Y luego explotó :v

TheAmazingCake says:

They need some traffic cops up in here. These dumb kids riding their chocobos on the road thinking they’re so cool and everything and riding them in the wrong lanes.

ozzygeo says:

Day one

bmarbler says:

man a consol should also do 60 frames… hope for generation 5 to be better…. would also pay more for it. 30 frames sucks.

Sasaki Haise says:

i dont think anyone would buy this game on a ps4 or xbox one, it would be complete madness to experience ffxv outside of the pro

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