Fort Triumph – (Fantasy Style X-Com Game)

Fort Triumph on Steam:

Fort Triumph is a tactical RPG emphasizing the use of Environmental Interactions to create rich, challenging and rewarding tactical gameplay. In the game, you command a party of chosen heroes who set out to change the world, one quest at a time

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Fort Triumph says:

Thank you Nookrium! Really glad you had a good time overall, despite the rough edges and early days 🙂 Hope to keep you entertained!

I’d love to hear some thoughts and suggestions, if you have any that didn’t fit into the video, please hit me up at if you come up with any.

Krisdane John Pesirla says:

nook is my favorite strategy player.. hehe! keep it up! ^_^

Matt Boggs says:

Thanks Nook, you saved me $20. Appreciate the work you do with your vids. Keep it up.

jim skinn says:

It’s like XCOM and Heroes Of Might and Magic with a Warcraft 3 aesthetic

Adrian Stetco says:

What kind of specs does your gaming rig run ?

Tom T says:


Llamageddon says:

Please tell me that it at least doesn’t have excessively lenghty turns/animations, and outcome randomness 🙁

I know I am sabotaging myself by playing so many turnbased games, but they’re almost all borderline identical…

Isvoor says:

There’s nothing wrong with being a skeleton! You still have feelings underneath those bones. Stop this oppression!

…Wait, what?

aslan132 says:

Lol, great video Nook.

Ability: Become a tree
“Wonder what this ability does?”
Uses ability, becomes a tree.
“Oh, you become a tree”
“Should have taken fire arrows”

Davy Van Damme says:

Hope you keep playing the game.

Joseph Marsh says:

“i’m sure people are just taking naps in the streets.” 7 seconds latter… wait what?

Darkwolfe says:

“No need in letting this corpse go to waste.”
“What? Oh! I see. I think we were going to have dinner.” Haha awesome.

Bill Garthright says:

“X-Com Game”? I immediately sit up and take notice!

But,… well, it’s still early access, so I don’t want to write it off too quickly. It doesn’t seem to be my kind of game right now. But then, I’m not a fan of cartoony games in general, so this has an uphill fight right from the start.

Charles Koontz says:

this 100% has my attention reminds me a lot of games like the Fire Emblem games and I loved those games!

Arakiven says:

I love the view of the undead being a relatively friendly bunch to their own kind

Bill Garthright says:

Thanks for showing the options! Yeah, they were pretty simple here, but it’s always good to know. And it’s something that’s hard to find out about a game, sometimes.

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