Forged The Best Sword Ever, Broke The Game (Fantasy Blacksmith Gameplay)

Fantasy Blacksmith Gameplay Part 1:

Fantasy Blacksmith is a magically realistic blacksmith simulator in which you have to create and sell weapons. Also, your smith will gain more experience and become stronger and more accurate with each created sword. Let’s Play Fantasy Blacksmith Game!

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You are a blacksmith in the world of the sword, magic and war, in which any blacksmith who knows how to make even the simplest swords is in demand. You start off as a poor unskilled blacksmith, but in time you will gain experience and improve to achieve wealth, fame and power, and change this world!

You can also improve your equipment in the smithy, buy a better forge, better grindstone, improve your hammer and etc. We want to create an exciting and interesting simulator in which any player can make his dream sword.

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duo lon says:


AKGAMER - says:

Play more pls

OxQ says:

Yeaa, do more

Adamanix says:

LoL Falcons edit skills on point. Good shit, Birdman. Keep it up.

Narle Ann Pancho says:

Hi love your vids so funny

GameRAM says:

I wish I could like this video twice, just for the ending alone. Good laugh

landon mauney says:

yeah at least you tried, it just seems like the game just…. is in a broken state. sorry bout it pal

Nativeaboriginal says:

And for the hilt, no thats the guard

Martyn Cochrane says:

Best blacksmith ever, too funny

Eccles116 says:

The hilt is the entire handle of the sword, the bit you called the hilt is the crossguard, the ring thing is the pommel.

Stephen Lamoreaux says:

I keep getting unskippable makeup ads in Spanish and I have no idea why.

Fazhry Firmansyah says:

play the coin game bird man!

Heaven Brotherhood says:

You had to click on Cross-Guard to continue assembly… But anyway thanks for the review. We made notes for ourselves

Tudy Rudy says:


Alfa Romeo says:

How could this happen to me ….. i paid my mistake…..

Henri Hubert says:

Number of Swords forged… zero. Still, nice try! Made me smile ^^

Emilijus Antonovas says:

0 wiews 55 likes

TheMex1kan says:

Hahahahahahahahahahaha….. (gasps for air) hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!

Bernie Gran says:

Btw that’s Rly not how you make a sword

TheLeaderX1 says:

this remind me of another game from another channel
basic premise it just running a restaurant and cooking, pretty much the same control scheme with floaty object just like in this video
and the other guy also struggle just to cook a single dish just like in this video

Blood Angel158 says:


stylesrj says:

A serrated sword? What, are you planning on fighting Ents with that thing?

drannin says:

You are now picturing Falcon screaming in anguish.

The Lampkeeper says:

What ever happen to shop keeper and that blacksmith game with the diffrent Crystal’s

Nischay Krishna says:

7 likes no views suspicious

The Assasin says:

Hi Falcon , ma’ man , verry cool video , keep goin’ with your channel!

SuGar MsE says:

Edit says 2 hours later for five times
Falcon replies with clanging and banging for half an hour

Balbaneth says:

Hammer down that thickness falcon XD

Dave Hill says:

Unfortunately, the judges were expecting a finished blade. You did not quench your blade, thus it is not a finished blade. I’m sorry, but your blade did not make the cut.

Unbelievable Yello says:


Sabre Turbo says:

No views 102 likes 31 comments


Abe Wan says:

Well, at least you tried. (-ㅂ-)/

Alex themaster says:

Lovin iT more please

IMStarbuck says:

You took a random projectile in the penis?!!

Cypherpala says:

8 views, 139 likes and 37 (38 counting mine) comments….. Something isnt right here

zaviar khan says:

No view 110 likes youtube going crazy

Arkanus2 says:

So you took an arrow to a certain body part, then blacksmithing didn’t work out for you, so how ’bout opening your own dutch shop or becoming a box coach or go survive in an apocalyptic word or run your own graveyard? Heads up, one of these things will surely work out for you, don’t get down cause of an arrow and a failure in sword assembling! Fly like a bird of prey!

Tommy 1802 says:


Anti-Derp says:


All to those who says fuck you or sommet well its a joke deal with it

thefiregodzapp says:

Seeing falcon add serrated blade to the sword makes me go the big oof.

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