First Look At Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood’s New Jobs Gameplay

Take a look at the Samurai and Red Mage class in action in both a new dungeon and out in the open world.


Kareem Abdullah says:

why are the mounts so slow?

nefarious k says:

Lol the tank can keep aggro. Sad hahah

Ro Choa says:

Welp the tank couldn’t keep aggro to save the group lmao

Mar Sot says:


NyamukGatal says:


MrJacksparrago says:

That Paladin lol

518ashtray says:


Put Satanachia says:


immanks 102 says:

Honestly have never played a game like this but it looks like an awfully daunting task.

nefarious k says:

Time to get back into the game i guess

Davane Brade says:


Cat Down The Road says:

Development like. Subject to change.

E3 Games says:


William Halpert says:

dude sits on his kenki resource way too much atleast spend kaiten on the finishers that generate sen, and use it with midare setsugekka, and the 800 potency off global, even an un optimal spending of that kenki resource would make the dungeon go faster >.>

wilderwolf says:

“combat revamp” yet it plays exactly the same, down to the incredibly floaty animations and netcode desyncing. gross.

Akeche says:

Was cool seeing one of the new dungeons 🙂 Thanks

Apple Pies says:

Yay, more instanced dungeons that are just linear corridors full of garbage enemies that take 15 minutes for an average group to breeze through.

Let me predict the future. After you do 300 skull-crushingly boring fetch quests, you will obtain level 70. Once you reach level 70, there will be a new currency that you exchange for high level gear that you obtain by running these repetitive and mindless hallway dungeons endlessly. Then you get to sit in town with your new shiny gear and either /afk until the next patch if you’re a casual who doesn’t raid, or sit in town and queue for whatever the one relevant raid is. Maybe there will be an EX primal fight or two.

And all for only $10-15 a month! What a steal.

Franklin Méndez says:

Hey Gamespot, you could’ve at least choose actual good players for that video.

max trance says:

the people in the video have no idea how to play

Nick Mac says:

Reminds me of Diablo

Keno Burl says:

I think it takes to long to kill trash

chibifirestorm says:

black desert is better, cheaper and there’s no subscription.

Myscha says:

How to dodge aoe : lusson 1

Zolbek says:

looks like shit wow

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