Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster – PC Gameplay ►1080p HD

Hi, Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD is available now on PC


FINAL FANTASY X tells the story of a star blitzball player, Tidus, who journeys with a young and beautiful summoner named Yuna on her quest to save the world of Spira from an endless cycle of destruction wrought by the colossal menace Sin.

FINAL FANTASY X- 2 : No, I won’t spoil you


TheNameJohnny says:

Sick video bro!!

Brett Harris says:

at what point do you actually play the game and not watch cut scenes all the time, this is what makes games suck, if i want a deep immersive story ill watch a film. I want Pew pew pew

Максат Ешмаганбетов says:

now waiting for kingdom hearts, square enix!

David Jackass says:

the maximum resolution that is supported is 1920×1080?, it will be supporting resolution 21: 9 UltraWide 2560×1080?

Dani Suárez says:

Nice video 🙂

islayall69 says:

looks the same as the ps2 version lol

OmegasMovie says:

Man this is f***ing great xD

Ernie Cheah says:

Just wait until you get to the Gui boss battle. CGI cutscene gonna freeze and stop the game from working. Lol heres a link to let you see the game breaking issues of Final Fantasy HD Remastered Pc port. Or is it just me and my friends?

harken says:

these fuckers can remaster final fantasy but not kingdom hearts for pc?!

MechaShredZilla says:

Just bought it but it will take 14hrs to download, lmao.

Stay78 says:

This is amazing, now they just need to make kimgdom hearts for pc and then i can finaly sell my ps3 since ill have no reason to keep it

Dinosower says:

ffs does he even say a fucking word he just says ughhhhh, ahh

andrew nelson says:

looks great on my 130 inch projector!!

Ivanovix madafka says:

When i began to play this one when passed 8 years my tears came out of nostalgia and all happines that gave me this game :,)

Kaine 333 says:

Childhood remastered

omeukunavara gamer says:

oh my God , I never thought that this game would come out for pc ç.ç

Batou says:

Not the worst remaster but they could really put more work into it, unlocking the framerate if it’s not tied to the game’s speed would be good, having the highest lod characters during gameplay would also be nice, lastly there’s no excuse for not having japanese voices.

Daniel Viljoen says:

will a controller work on this? im busy downloading it and will be damned if im gonna play this sitting on my arse.

Adit Mc says:

the best final fantasy i think, tidus & yuna etc were very memorable

i7fan says:

Does the fighting become challenging enough for a grown up? Story is pretty nice and deep if i remember from when i played a few back in the days. But if the combat isnt strategic and challenging enough i dont think i will enjoy it since i need challenge when i play. Thank you to anyone that can answer. 🙂

Whyou Wannaknow says:

YOOOOooo final fantasy 12 next?! plez

ch0SeM says:

Activating the Boosters make achievements not possible to unlock RIGHT?? cus otherwise this is garbage

Christopher S says:


Alex Skywalker says:

lol i dont think this guy knows what demi exactly is =]

Deus Ex Machina says:

expecting next gen graphics..

DontCloudMe Please says:

I hated being forced to play that soccer mini-game.

Anderson Badari says:

did 200 hours on ps2 =]

rochester3 says:

why is it my controller wont work with this game

AJs Hardware says:

Is the game locked at 1080p?

Avirmed Ochirbat says:

This Arguing kids are truly dont know What is The Final Fantasy is.

DeathZelta ewe says:

This version is better than the ps3 hd remake version?

Anthony Garcia says:

i going to play this right now in my ps2 =) , just a opinion.. the remake look good but.. is not the same face , Tidus look so different! =P

EasyFolkDude says:

… and so, everyone, was sucked in the cosmical ANUS.
i personally, like Devil May Cry 4, cause it’s action and action and action with all sort of action stuff.

unknown ID says:

this game looks boring.

Enric SC says:

60fps? How?

Diskolos xaraktiras says:

I PLAY THIS GAME when i was 12 years old .i never finsh that game cause my cd crashed in ps2 .now i have a job i nedd to finish this game !!!fking old years

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