Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition – 4K PC Gameplay

The critically acclaimed Final Fantasy XV is finally on its way to PC in ultimate quality. Take a look at the crisp 4K gameplay from the new Windows Edition, featuring NVIDIA game tech.

Learn more about Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition and all its PC benefits:

Check out the 4K reveal trailer:

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LOCH says:

why does it look so good?

Freebs says:

This looks so good me PC needs an upgrade

Orestis 26 says:

Keep up the nice work

Jerkface says:

Hi my name is xavier and i came to computers or aka master race about 2 years ago and always love playing games and so in the place i am now i am low on funds and is have a bad time at life get bullied all of my school life and not stoping into i got in college and what i am trying to do is change my city and world for the best starting a club at my school called the gna club and what we do is game and stream and try to do fund raiser and help out with cancer but at the moment we do not have all of the things we need at the moment but a computer with only a gtx 960 so i was asking if you can really help us with are mission i have never won anything and this could be are first step into the door to change the world for the better so what do you say nvidia can you help us please it would help out a lot.
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Astloud says:

spec’s pls

Gemo Sapiens says:

4k 60 fps.I can not even in my dreams can not see it.

Eduardas Vilkas says:

Here I am watching this in 1080p.

Cannibal Rainbows says:

Final Fantasy XV seem a like a amaizing game but with a 750 ti I won’t be able to experience the full potential, any 100 series cards would be nice to experience all the games coming through games com any ways Nvidia is awesome for making all these videos on these new games.

GY!BE says:

Gib me GPU plz

Zak-Attack says:

#gamescom #gameready

Palmer Richard says:

#Gamescom2017 #GameReady

I’ve seen 4k Pc gameplay on gamescom with pc i can enjoy more easily then ps4 its very good to play 🙂

The League of the gamers says:

i think i only hav a navidia 780. how can i get a better one? hint hint

Isak Eriksson says:

windows editión.

Ech0sphere says:

I might actually get final fanticy xv

Orestis 26 says:

I love your vids

Faiz Zeo says:

does not seems like 100 or even 50mb bit rate.

Andrew Berry says:

I like games that is both si-fi and fantasy

jamal zzou says:


TheRJKings -Gaming says:


Antonio Guisado says:

plz can i have a gpu

Kornél says:

Do people actually play SP mmo?

technology 360 says:

I want gpu

trexgaming1611 says:

yeeeeessssss i

Fr4mbo says:

Need a 1080 TI to be #GameReady for the Witcher 3 & Fallout/DOOM VR! #Gamescom

Pero Perić says:


DevilGearHill says:

Graphics don’t make the game any more baren in gameplay department. Where are the Limit Breaks that shatter the Earth ? Where are Odin, actually usable Bahamut, Ultima, Chaos, Diablos, so on and so forth ? Where are Meteor, Ultima, Holy, Tornado, Quake ?! Why the fuck is this shit of a game calling itself Final Fantasy ? No jobs ? No varied party ? What the hell happaned here ?

TEdwardsBowtie says:

Looks crazy in 4k

Vincent X says:

Comment for the giveaway

Playdt says:

Yes, more footage. Really gonna enjoy this at 1440p.

charleys tube says:

Does anyone know if they said this will support sli? I hope it does so i can play it at 4k and at least 60fps.

Emir Salem says:

well my monitor is 1080p hope my 1070 G1 can run this at ultra settings…….. i mean 1080ti cant run this at 4k 60 fps…

Ivey Onine says:

Looks great, but im affraid my PC says NO!

Bhudiyo says:

Wow graphics were amazing you must have played this on gtx 1080ti. I wish i also had one. #gamescom #gameready

FBIMOUS377 says:

Video Quality aside, I always felt bad fighting the Garulessas…

Lin. Kil. Ehl. says:

Hoo -jah!

Kive says:

what does it take to achieve the quality tho is the real question……

Primal Instinct says:

Generic comment

denny cao says:

Holy shit…. Pls Nvidia… I need this game to run @ 4K 30fps at least :c #gamescom #gameready

Amir Paydar says:

Looks good, but this is nowhere near 60FPS. I really care more about seeing it run at 60+ FPS than in 4K.

Undead Playz says:

Wish I had a good pc to actually play good games at good quality

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