Final Fantasy XV Walkthrough PART 5 (PS4 Pro) No Commentary Gameplay @ 1080p HD ✔

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Welcome to my full walkthrough for Final Fantasy XV on the Playstation 4 Pro. Playing under Normal difficulty and on the “High” resolution settings

Platforms: Playstation 4 & Xbox One
Publisher: Square Enix
Developer: Square Enix
Genre: RPG
Release Date:
US: November 29, 2016
EU: November 29, 2016


lily chan says:

You are terrible at playing…

GodsLive 711 says:

At 3:20:43 why didn’t you try out every combination possible? Like there are puzzles that involve using your brain so use it!!

Muhammad Fazreen Ali says:

you navigate like ignis. y u no use AP?

noah rozario says:

You are literally so stupid at puzzles

3dkiller says:

man u suck, you had the kill the imperial in those warships to explode them, then warp to the next and kill the imperial soldiers that are on their chairs kill them and they blow up, then warp to the next one its fucking easy.

MrClone326 says:

You can scan the mobs for their weakness with watch timer. Also, just because you hold a big ass sword doesn’t mean it does good dmg.
Purple dmg means that weapon is weak against that kind of daemon.
Orange dmg means that weapon is effective.
Same with your Magic….

P.S. it’s so cringe worthy to watch you struggle and self-pot like crazy

Chiina Boyyy says:

watching you play is so cringey

Isabel Huang says:

All this just reminds me of how Harry Potter had to rescue Ron Weasly from the mermaids

Isabel Huang says:

What happens if you don’t take Ignis along?

LindzzzB says:

Woah! That ending, what just happened!!??

Roderick Bantilan says:

wtf how stupid you are

Hadrianto Tahir says:

Hate to say, but u suck, rly indeed.
this is my 1st time seeing youtuber playing game so bad.

Daniel Rollins says:

oder to the last guardian much? the way the sentinels pick him up and shock him

Jordan Sipe says:


Kiiro Infactoid says:

Thumbs up for Biggs and Wedge.


u play like shit

Ghost gaming says:

he may suck but this game is kinda emotional if you can get past the way he plays

Justin Ta says:

this guy doesn’t have common sense

Nikki Budders says:

Ignis >.< Poor guy is temp blinded. I hope he gets better.

LindzzzB says:

Aww, poor Ignis, my lil’ spiked hair blind truffle muffin:(((((

Youngguy12 3 says:

Sorry I’m a noob at this game but why does every time I attack my hp goes down

1aundulxaldin says:

I thought 13 was the last we’d see of ’em, but I was wrong. This game comes packed with Marlboro. Now my stomach will never let me rest in peace.

3dkiller says:

why dont you unlock your skills man why ???????

Sand Wraith says:

Star Platinum !!

Trixia Lacsamana says:

Thank you for being kind to Ignis. I had to leave someone’s game play because they didn’t

Schoolboyz92 says:

that revus is bull shit i went back in time to level up

Isabel Huang says:


Ruben J. Gutierrez says:

Is it just me or does the part where you’re looking for promto remind you of FFVII’s Midgar. It looks and feels just like Midgar and I’m sure they’ll use it for the remake.

RajmanGaming HD says:

NOTE: During the long boss battle at 3:18:00 there will be a lot of pausing (which may be annoying) as I was live streaming this and chatting with the viewers. You can skip to the end of the battle if you like by going to 3:43:00

Jordan Sipe says:

What happens if you say not really , when Prompto asks were you worried about me

Jordan Sipe says:

No one was suprised when Prompto showed up out of no where

Renz Coo says:

You had me tilted for the panel switches LOL but it was okay

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