Final Fantasy XV Walkthrough part 1 NEW E3 2016 Developers Gameplay Walkthrough FF 15

Final Fantasy XV Walkthrough part 1 Developers Gameplay Walkthrough final fantasy 15


CatGaming says:

Been waiting forever for this game since it was first announced. Can’t believe its almost here. Pre ordered mine already 🙂

Jed Gian Paulo Rosario says:

Omg the graphics the view characters the story and the combat mechanics the movement,monsters and have change from morning to dawn to night its all perfect i hope it will win the rewards and hope with can be compatible for ps3 and some other devices

Chika Okechi says:

Tbh I’m mostly interested in this gameplay because seeing how the integrated some of these overworld vehicles gives a pretty good idea of how they’ll approach it in FFVIIR.

Gimpler Da Happenin says:

1:12 “I’m one of the good guys, remember?” Starfox reference? Mind. Blown.

Karma Akabane says:

hope they change the water before release because it really looks bad

Daria Morgendorffer says:

i bought this game yesterday on sale for $5 and the graphics are, fuzzy. How does this video show great graphics when mine is fuzzy?

Vector Anttii says:

Is it me??…. or altissia looks like italy

Kleptonic says:

well ijust busted a nut

Sinan Akcay says:

Dragon age inquisition style

Error Sans says:

8 more days… I get this game I have been waiting FOR EVER SINCE I WAS A KID in 8 days …. I’m crying rn

Remo Williams says:

a must get!


this will either be the greatest jrpg in the last 15 years or destroy final fantasy forever

Moon Strife says:

Buying this game for sure

CenterPointStudios says:

already pre ordered it

Cake# says:

The batmobile tho

Tomas Salcedo says:

Your car can transform not once, but twice!?

Nur Afny Syazwany Abu Zarim says:

2 more monthsssssss… can’t wait…. omg….

Eric Harmon says:

13:01 bottom left. changing outfits confirmed?

Steven Lessor says:

I have been waiting on this game for a couple of years now. I CAN’T WAIT!!!

Erick reyes says:

already te best game of the year……

Big T.A.N 2016 Smotherman says:

not feeling this. but still going to buy

tddnenc says:

by now u might as well give the game away for free

Slave Of Christ says:

i get a lot of final fantasy 8 and 9 vibes from final fantasy 15

Shandi Yudha Viqueque says:

i am very like this game!!! but i will waiting for a year until The GOTY or Complete Edition (All Dlcs/Expansions burn to BD) is release for PS4. Then i buy it. I am is the gamer who not like to buy the same game for twist (Regular Version and then Complete Edition). I disapointed to buy regular game which some in the future, there will be a GOTY/Complete Edition. Enough to buy non-complete games…rather waiting 1000 years for the Complete than buy Day one version that not 100% complete. who agree with me comment?

Teffy2105 says:

Dam already looks a million times better than garbage ass FF13

ShidoLionheartGames says:

Altissa = Italy (Venice) = My fav city of the game <3

gavin ellis says:

very immersive, like its not just a huge static world, they take care of a lot of minor details that games usually leave out cuz its to much micro managing, like when developers already have sucha huge worl they tend to neglect expanding on minor interactions with the world, but this game look as if you can live in it! looks like im already addicted!

evenios says:

OH sweet the car can fly??? preorder MADE! i got a ps4 mostly to play no mans sky before the pc version BUT i just got little big planet 3 and preordered final fantasy 15 yaaay cant wait! looks awesome. first i thought meh a while back now i am like WANT!

stormrider777 says:

wow!!!!! Take my money!!!!!!

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