Final Fantasy XV Twitchcon 2016 Gameplay Demo

First batch of gameplay from EGX 2016. The bird near the end reminded me of Shadow of the Colossus for some reason…


Justin Chang says:

who are all the commentators?

Quito Archibald says:

do not like the battle system at all

Zack Staal says:

im i the only one tired of the car being broke down, and being in that area?

Emo666Cali says:

FF is going to be great but Days Gone is blowing my mind right now

Bahamut Zero says:

Hint. When Square says they “dont want to give away too much”, that means its in the game. Luna is a guest character. 🙂 Youll at least ger team moves with her.

Jordan F says:

That PR guy talking, man his voice was tough to listen to. I don’t know what it was, a slur of letters maybe, but every few words was just like damn it let me enjoy the video.

David says:

looking good.

Yue Yeon says:

Guys, is there any gameplay of how the guns weapon work?

stu D says:

also how many summons are expected in game

haseo777 says:

this is not twitchcon

mAcroFaze says:

12:19. Looks like Noctis isn’t the only one warping around here!

jells31 says:

I really want to like this game but i’m afraid it will be a dissapointment for me.. (according to all the gameplay i’ve seen, who knows..) i don’t like the main character nor the others, the open world (missions, side missions, hunts it’s like all other open world games zzzzz) combat also generic and just not turnbased, that is what final fantasy WAS all about.. Hopefully the story will be awesome

Lippy says:

did they fix the shitty framerates?

panbouk says:

I have a question, and I cannot understand why in interviews like this they don’t ask those kind of questions. So if anyone has any info pls share it.
For the Ascension leveling up, they have said before that all four characters share the total AP amount. (but still think they should have asked that). I can see how this makes you choose whom to leveup so I like. But my concern is. How fast can you aquire AP and will it be easy to max out every character relativly early? I love the idea of diferent builds and not everyone having everything and every player in their playthroughs have the same builds cause the game works that way (looking at you FFXIII)

stu D says:

will there be magic other than ice fire thunder. will there be flare holy bio etc?

kekinho44 says:

10:00 well that’s what it made it INTERESTING, why give all characters from the beginning… WHY!?!??

akiraguy says:

my ffxv to do list:
1) pimp my ride
2) fishing
3) chocobo rearing
4) recipes hunting
5) ???
6) shag luna
7) profit

Shane Shrestha says:

Great gameplay!
Looks very smooth, Impressive.
Cannot wait for this!!

Vishan Raj says:

I wish you can customize the characters hair styles

Infantryriflem4 says:

this gameplay supposedly just came out. but i swear ive seen this around alot starting a few weeks ago.

alex drake says:

The girl with the gray shirt is pretty hot

Adam Clark says:

Just two more months now..

Lightbringer says:

The game looks amazing. I’m really happy with what I’m seeing. The only thing that would make it better for me is if there was an option to change Noctis’ outfit into his original outfit from his 2006 debut. Still clinging to hope that they will include it.

Jack johnson says:

that Japanese PR dude was just terrible, the other guy explained things way better

Francisco del Valle Ojeda says:

Xbox one?

snkhuong says:

that bitch who left him hanging should get fired ! It should be illegal to leave someone hanging

Emo666Cali says:

yep another world with broke people, who knew lolz

Emo666Cali says:

FF 10 started the skill charts then Skyrim stoled it then FF 15 redone it

Thijs van Abs says:

A bit hard to see if they made any graphical improvements over the last time they showed it on Xbox One. A shame because during TGS’s footage of the game which was on PS4 the difference was crystal clear. It’s really clear they are working hard on that version and making it look the best it can. I am hoping they give the Xbox One version the same kind of attention, because it’s the version i am getting, if i am getting it. A few months ago they released that video of 60 minutes from the game and they showed both versions and man that difference was painful. Especially the Chocobo racing part, i really hope the differences won’t be too insane when it releases. None of the multiplatform games so far are like that.

Oh the lady in the red dress, i assume Nysira was really nice for the eyes too. 😉

Justin G says:

from all the demos these days, I have not seen any big cities in the map. Disappointing

Emo666Cali says:

<~ what Nictis looked like 10 years ago

Dalibor Arestizabal says:

the invicible chair XD!

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