Final Fantasy XV – The Trial of Titan E3 2016 Special Mission Gameplay @ 1080p HD ✔ Final Fantasy 15

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The Trial of Titan E3 2016 Special Mission Gameplay
Platforms: Playstation 4 & Xbox One
Publisher: Square Enix
Developer: Square Enix
Genre: RPG
Release Date:
US: September 30, 2016
EU: September 30, 2016


rodplaysgames says:

i just don’t see me buying a ps4 for one game. i don’t know if my opinion will change, lets see.

INCOOM13 says:

I feel like we should nit pick this game. I’ll startHow is it that Noctis and Gladiolus are able to block and parry a giant Titans attack?  I understand it’s Final Fantasy and all but this is a fantasy based on reality. +1 sinAnd since this is a fantasy based on reality this deserves an extra 5 sins. +5 sins

KilroyJenkin5 says:

this guy needs to learn to read USE BLIZZARA

mk leader says:


VapourXY says:

I don’t see anything wrong with this game? It’s like a free roam hack and slash RPG with QTE and everything else. It’s like the Super Saiyan God of all Final Fantasy.

I don’t know what anyone else is thinking, but I’d wanna play this over Final Fantasy 7, 8, 9, all the way to 14..

{LWA}fortyX battousai says:

who’s give a fuck if you’re first.

fuckin trolls

Reza Descha says:

still Kratos more badass when fight the Titans and other Gigantic Monsters

ZodiacK427 says:

This same part was shown on the Xbone and look how much better the PS4 looks, Xbone looked washed down.

Fakehope says:

wait so long for this. Seriously , the fighting is very messy and are based on a rhythmic principle. so disappointing…

Dre Ray says:


jojozail says:

i think it would be better if the ground were to get cracked when Noct defend himself against Titan’s attack.

joethetimelord says:

I can handle the lack of turn based after playing it for 15 years. The varied open world, reintroduction of vehicles, and proportionately sized summon monsters more than make up for it. Battle system seems pretty goddamn fun too.
Almost makes me wanna consider preordering it, but Konami made sure that wouldn’t happen again. MGSV was a blow to anybody’s optimism.

Riku2005 says:

shoulda played part of this demo instead at the xbox conference..

AdamRonaldo1903 says:

Should have been PS4 exclusive.

Dominik Apolonio says:

Thats Final Fantasy VX??? THAT THING WAS FUCKING HUGE?!!!

ゲバ部 says:



McK says:

Looks like another Final Fantasy game that I will pass on.

Jose says:

can you also play as other characters?

趕羚羊 says:

Helloooo “USE BLIZZARA” lol

wonderboy8917 says:

This game looks amazing!!!

Ken Havens says:

interesting for translators who are not native japanese their annunciation is very good. I think he is australian.

KungFooMaen says:

the gameplay looks like a mess

bruce1991 says:

Sorry guys, but shadow of the colossus did it better with the giant boss battles. This looks like a button mashing mess.

Look at 5:21 noctis is floating because you can’t walk on it. So it’s like a weird hitbox thing.

WillJ Y says:

the battle is so… messy

Alex Armitage says:


Javon James says:

because the game was built for ps4!

ThoseNiceCopperPipes says:

Remember the titan

Alex Woody says:

I understand where a lot of people say the fighting is messy and stuff and the frame is not right but it’s just the demo and it’s still developing……now it’s July just 2 months and few days to go and during these 2 months they will fix many things………this is a demo so it’s not perfect yet… the platinum demo where there’s sooooo many glitch and they will fix it.

Kid Max says:

is there one without commentary ?

Young J says:

Y is this level so hard WTF

Heinrich Everson says:


Thomas Patterson says:

WOw and how come they couldn’t shown this during Sony’s press conference? I would prefer this over that god awful demo of Days Gone. Sorry Sony, but hey at least I got GOD OF WAR 4.

War624 says:

Much better than the showing at the Microsoft conference. Lol.

ryutheslayer123 says:


Black Coffee says:


Klifton Riley says:

The camera is really messy, and that worries me.

T Cook says:

Can I get a link to where this came from originally

El Verdadero Tidus says:

is this a god of war or Asura 2? Definitely not FF.

marcialnimbus says:

Shadow of the Colossus on steroids!

Bob Johnson says:

*insert random sony fanboy comment here*

tonerton says:

I wonder where you got this video… I’ve uploaded this on my channel earlier than you. oh well.. nice edit.

AdamRonaldo1903 says:

3:40 This is how you should fight the Titan, not parrying it all the time.

Saratanh Saysamongdy says:

Does the Titan battle occur at random?

DarkLilty501 says:

Wow, wow, wow, the direction of this boss battle is so amazing and the music is awesome !

Evans O says:

Even party members can be affected by magic. So realistic. I’m definitely more excited for this than any other game coming out.

anacondapus says:

I get that this happened after the Xbox conference, but man…. They really should’ve showed this off instead.

ZeroHxC07 says:

I bet the guy interviewingthe team is that faggot with the glasses from rev 3 games. I can hear is dick sucking from miles.

Zannia says:

Haha this boss’s theme is so so darn good

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