Final Fantasy XV: The First Hour – No Commentary Gameplay 1080p Xbox One

We preview the first few chapters of Final Fantasy XV on Xbox One! Final Fantasy XV is due to release November 29.

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Gameplay footage recorded and uploaded with permission from Square Enix. Edits made to accommodate embargo guidelines, and expedite long sequences such as travelling.


Ivett Basity says:

“What’s a gill?” LOL do they use different money in the capital or something? XD

Raou TV says:

i got a question was there any frame drops i mean inconsistency because the playable demo back on march lagged a lot when there was some action or when you shoot firecrackers i really wanna buy this game that’s why i’m cause i did made a mistake when i bought just cause 3 for ps4 and it was lagging like hell…

LosOfAlpha Studios says:

Can someone please explain the first bit of gameplay

Kevin White says:

wow last final fantasy ive played and seen was ff9 the game doesnt seem the same but I wonder if id like it?

Grisly IG says:


Hayabusa says:

Damn newb gameplay. Can’t wait to play the demo later and use my pro skills

ArchAngel Knights says:

uhhhh how did the car get so messed up? you skipped the scenes where you were crashing into everything?

javogow11 says:

why the car its crashed?? lol

Tortemir says:

Yes! they changed Prompto’s lame out of place dialog. instead of saying “we’ll play hide and seek with him” he now says stay down, we’ll keep him busy

bakkahentai2600 says:

Since most of this stuff is old hat, I really appreciate a lot of the driving as only one of them has been shown before.

ArchAngel Knights says:

uhhhh how did the car get so fucked up? you skipped the scenes where you were crashing into everything?

Campernicus says:

Did anyone else fast forward to just see CGI boobs.


this sucks FF8 PS1 was the real deal, anyone remember that.

Everyday Black Gamer King says:

demo ???


Xbox one version seems to have artifact issues and bugs out once in awhile.

Zackary Muse says:

Can you play a clip with the Japanese audio with English subs? As a comparison?

robo skull says:

lip sync is bad

evenios says:

that would be awesome if you could get in the car in the new ps4 japan demo

Allen Clay says:

shit looks like hot garbage…all this time for a let down

Secret Wizard says:

The game is looking incredible after the delay. Very much worth it.

Cindy’s design is still atrocious, though. Worst thing about the game I’ve seen. Quiet 2.0… Also, WHY ISN’T SHE NAMED CIDNEY INSTEAD!?

Ratliff says:

Never played a FF before and still thinking about getting this any thing I should know before I buy?

Kingin Eazzy says:

Yo is this the new demo that’s coming out or nah?

andy michaels says:

Just a simple yes or no, is this game any good? Please let me know as I’ve just recently purchased it. Many thanks!!

Deividas NC says:

is japan demo out???

King Sorah says:

How do u get this in English

Christain Nash says:

Final product looks so much better! Great playthrough!

LordShiru says:

Thanks for the preview.
Chapter 0 has been changed (they added the name of the characters).
What does the Battle tutorial looks like? Do we get to play as Older Noctis ?? :0

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