Final Fantasy XV – TGS 2016 Gameplay #2 [HD 1080P]

TGS 2016 Gameplay #2 of Final Fantasy XV.

Genre(s): Action role-playing
Platform(s): PlayStation 4, Xbox One
Publisher(s): Square Enix
Developer(s): Square Enix
Release Date (NA): November 29th, 2016

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Daryl says:

I wouldn’t mind getting crushed by Aranea :p Anyway I hope we encounter her quite a bit throughout the game.

Alvin Hill says:

That air combat tho..

Boss Big says:

Seriously, nobody can play this at SE? Couldn’t they get someone who isnt this bad with it?

1XSilencer says:

damn this boss battle looks hard or maybe its just the player

Chao Yik Tan says:

Ff15 gonna flop if they don’t fixed it and continue this shit. The kinglaive is already fuck up. Come on man square enix, I am also a ff fan.

cam on the beat says:

who ever is playing fucking sucks jesus christ.

Noctis Kami says:

Buying a ps4 pro just for this mother fucking game

MolesterOfTheFinger says:

I wish the combat was turn-based or ATB. In its current state it’s a big fat fly in the ointment, I just can’t get over it.

黃品維 says:

I think his job is show the game not beat the game,so he just runing around.If he beat her before the producer finish his word will be very awkward.

Dante Chu says:

i think the game is really hard to play , i have never saw any player play this game like a pro ace

larry thornton says:

damn he was literally playing in first person for a few seconds…lol I like the gameplay but man I can’t wait to get the game so I can turn the brightness up a lil so I can actually…you know…..see lol

°Frost° says:

JESUS!!!! That aerial fight is just beatiful! But the camera is terrible. Looks like we gonna have some serious problem with that.

Fan XD Square Enix says:

The camera in dissidia was good, why can’t they do the same?

Chao Yik Tan says:

Dunno what tabata is trying to prove in this gameplay man. Casting magic skills on aranae missed. What bullshit controls is this??

Eriq Beard says:

I wonder what the trophy was for

Jezred14 says:

There doesn’t seem to be a viable option to defend yourself when getting caught in a ground or air combo. The dodge doesn’t give any i-frames and the hold square to dodge is too slow and breaks up the pacing.

James Gatsby says:

fucking epic!!!!

Brandon Hulshoff says:

Please bring the game out I’ve seen enough… please don’t delay it and then bring tons of gameplay footage out.. its the same like you saying to a child you will get candy in 1 hour and then you say oh sorry next month you will get it but it taste so delicious look at me how I eat this delicious candy! Hahaha please square iam so hyped!

Rexxel J says:

man is parry (the square button popup) really that hard, people playing this game always miss that button, cant wait to try this 2 month later, like the battle though

Dark Cloud says:


rvtres says:

prompto/ignis might have really helped in killing her. Ignis can mark her so an instant lock for Noctis. Or a long range shot from Prompto

HOUSE & EDM says:

so nice

Daxtoxic says:

some one tell me it will be on pc

LordShiru says:

Aerial battle !! Awesome 🙂

Prass Setyadi says:

camera angle is soo difficult on this game..

Deliverygod says:

Camera needs some fixing. But the fight looks great

Talon Marshall says:

Not gonna lie. I have this pre-ordered. But that doesn’t mean I can acknowledge how many times the camera freaked the fuck out or how janky the aerial combat flows sometimes… After playing Duscae and the Platinum demo we’ll see… Dark Souls 3 just might be my GOTY..

Xleaselife says:

It’s kind of mindblowing how consistently the stage presentations of this game have been awful. That’s why other games have people PRACTICE the slice they’re playing. This guy seems like he’s playing this game for the first time ever.

zeffie says:

Why are the devs so bad at their own game???

Pedro Mendes says:

The best year !!!

Lewis Whittaker says:

need now!!

Yue Yeon says:

Reason camera looks suck, the player can’t move 2 thumbs at once. Anyway, awesome gameplay.

deafwing says:

the person playing this … yea he kinda sucks lol. He could have used the lock on to focus solely on the Dragoon.

Rogueplayer says:

Is it me or everyone of these gameplays Ive never seen someone decent enough to play this game properly and make the gameplay look so cool, the camera angles and the animation of each attack looks still slow I don’t know what to make of this. Not one player from all these conferences and gameplay videos never played noctis properly the combat looks complex and it stands out saying this aint no hack & slash game.

Ray Tian Zhi Shen says:

I m glad to see dragon knight in ff15 it’s my favorite class in ff14

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