Final Fantasy XV PS4 Pro Gameplay [TGS 2016 Demo]

Final Fantasy XV Demo running on the Playstation 4 Pro.


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Manofdildo xxxsex says:

Fuck you Sony. I just bought PS4 for 3 months.

Git Gud says:

Looks clean

XxbiohazardxX223 says:

looks smooth

rick hunter says:

Oh my God is the smoothest footage i´ve ever seen of this game, calling it right now, this game can only run well in this console it´s sad but true, it runs like a fucking normal videogame for the first time!

Rhett Griffith says:

Ankylo from FF1 at 0:35??

TheFred128 says:

looks very good and smoth


Chocobos are the real gods of final fantasy.

venrosonitas says:

Where’s the limited edition PS4 Pro??????????

Max Wolf says:

Looks like it’s running at more than 30fps… What do you think?

OracleGrouse says:

Dang, it looks even better than their tech demos. I’ll go reprimand my pc for having a competitor that costs me 2.5k$ less.

Justin Chang says:

looks soo good!

Alfonso Formicola says:

Just got an HDR UHD TV and preordered a PS4Pro JUST for this one game. You best be worth it, FFXV….

PuffNStuff says:

no pop up! nice

Red 5 says:

Mmmm, how do we know it’s the PS4 Pro running the Game?

Ryan Fields says:

this is why I bought a 4k TV last year I have been preparing for this experience can’t wait! 😀


I have a 4k tv and I can trade in my old ps4 with 349aud(559aud for not trade in), for ffxv should I upgrade it? I feel its worth it

Nur Afny Syazwany Abu Zarim says:

already preordered my ps4 pro.. manage to sell back my ps4 to someone else then add some money for the pro hehehe… damn i waste money just for this game xD

QQ says:

It looks 1000x better. That foliage!

Saudi Gamer says:


Tonton Palanca says:

What entered my mind is… if the chocobos look that good in the PS4 Pro…imagine how much more with the Summons 😀
Can’t wait to see Anima… 😉

Rithysak Serey says:

Is this 4K?

Monado Boy says:

Omg that last part of them entering the city with Chocobos that’s badass
I hope The Standard PS4 looks a bit like this after the HDR update.

AbsoluteMMA101 says:

I was telling people 8 months back that the PS4 Neo aka PS4 Pro version will be better than the original PS4 version. Cant wait to get the PS4 Pro and FFXV 😀

AjAirStyles says:

This looks incredible. I’ve never seen this game run so well before on the original PS4. Can’t wait for the Pro.

dj coolkid says:

This looks amazing.
Looks like I’m going to have to sink 400$ into a ps4 pro after purchasing a ps4 a few months ago. *sigh*
I’m broke AF

Noctis Kami says:

So now i have to buy ps4 pro and and 4k hd tv??? a regular ps4 and 1080p is pointless for this game?

Rafael Morcatti Coura says:

imagine the true 4k in scorpio with this game, will be amazing

Emy says:

I don’t have a PS4 yet but I’m planning to buy one for this game. I’m not convinced by the PRO version though.

It’s expensive and there’s no limited version pack with FFVX as there’s with the slim one. Also, despite more fluidity (?) I don’t think the normal version will be that much different. I don’t have a 4K TV either, and if I buy one next year, well the next generation (Xbox Scorpio, and certainly a PS5) more powerful will be already there.

So… yeah, I don’t see why I should buy the PS4 PRO. If someone can tell me why I should…

That said, I’m going to the Paris Games Week next week, so who knows, I might waver.

Alex Lauriano says:

if it actually looks like tHis, I’m getting the pro.

ffxv on the regular ps4 looked visually terrible.

CJAdams97 says:

The last few seconds is cool

crafting acez says:

Just so everyone knows since some people are ignorant, 30 fps on first person games seems much choppier than 60 fps compared to third person games.

halo1crysis says:

After seeing this, I’m glad this game got delay. Looks great!

Tomberi says:

60 fps?

Ahmed says:

Call Of Duty Can Not hit
60 fps / 1080 on PS4 Pro ! Source Digital foundry :

Shame ……. Shame …… Shame

( Walk Of Shame) LOL

MemoriesLP says:

It looks amazing!!!

NoctisCrystallisXV says:

HDR Support and 4K Sign me in!

Erikthedood says:

Damn this game looks amazingly smooth on the Pro.

Chukwuebuka Obi says:

I have a ps4 Pro and the Judgement demo. I can confirm that the game does look this good on the pro with a 4K UHD TV.

Lucyus Ribas says:

Is there a really BIG graphical difference between the regular ps4 version and the Pro one? I pre ordered the reg version before they announced Pro and I it’s annoying I wont get to play the definitive version on Pro unless i get one.

Naxion Overlay says:

Look at that grass!!

Matt Reed says:

It looks kinda the same lmao

Juan Manuel Esis says:

besides de Playstation Pro, u also need to include the 70” 4k tv jajajaja. But I personally won’t mind if ffxv looks as gorgeous as uncharted 4

Gian says:

I think that big bird at the end flying is valefor.

Yago Kain says:

i wouldnt judge it by the video but as far as i can see the main difference is the surrounding. its clearly a 4k gameplay so i doubt that its 60fps though it looked smooth. the graphics are amazing and we can see much more from the distance aswell so thats cool. the only thing i dont like are the colors mainly because i think they are strong and bright because of the hdr mode and even though we (og ps4 users) will get hdr……..i dont have hdr capable tv 🙁

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