Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition HD for Nintendo Switch | First 30 Minutes & Boss Battle Gameplay

We play Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition HD for the Nintendo Switch & share with you a look at the game’s first half an hour of gameplay and its first boss battle.



Nick Nekro says:

they couldnt run the regular game so they made a watered down version? to be honest im kinda disappointed, i was hoping ff15 would come to switch but not like this

MikuCobraCole says:

Would u recommend it?

SammiiCake Gaming says:

Really curious about this, I loved the original and it’s tempting to play it all over again… But what content is missing from this? Are there still side quests and hunter quests? What about the Pitioss Ruins and the Menace dungeons? Are they still in this version too?

Oi. Meu nome é Jão Ram PvP says:

Satanic satan

Tabby Scientia says:

Stupid that there are no side quests in this version



Mikhail Monakhov says:

Как же убого это выглядит

Saad サアド سـعد says:

How is the performance of the game ?

bryan skinner says:

Why is everyone so worried about the frame rate who gives a shit as long as it plays. What matters is the story line, combat system, weapons and armor, length of the game, etc not the dam frame rate ffs…. back in the 80’s 90’s we were just happy to play the atari nes and snes on a tv we didnt give a flying shit about frame rate. Kids need to stop being so technical and enjoy the games that are put out now. Wish we had the games these kids have now days.

PasscodeAdvance says:

Nice. Touch support?

IttiOnYouTube says:


ILikeBigBoobies69 says:

Ff xv is shit, no matter which version

Dave Tormala says:

This game would of been great if they kept the fishing aspect in game. It was one of the best features to me in FF15.. but it is completely removed on this version why I dunno..

MasterKillua says:

06:03 Time to “Switch”

Landis 97 says:

the hud subtitles thing is so annoying

InDedede says:

Unimpressed. The battle music is wrong for the region they’re in

Ice Surfer says:

This is such a complete shift compared to an actual game

John Do says:

Switch can’t run regular edition lul

That Guy says:

Was jumping taken out? It’s the only way to enjoy the ff15 combat for me.

Owain Dark says:

Imo, the real game could run on the switch, locked at 30fps at 720p. IF square would throw UE4 on it with a graphical downgrade.

Michael Vincent Mislos says:

Does it support touchscreen controls?

TonyKanameKuran says:

Fucking spec whores are in full denial now that FF XV Pocket Edition HD is the #1 selling digital download on the Switch.

A lot of people wants more Final Fantasy on Nintendo’s platform… and they are coming up in a matter of months.

Maverick D. says:

Loving this game so far…

Enki Ro says:

At least fighting has a better overview than the regular xv lmao

jokebag says:

Where there mouths Lol?

eiermannDNS says:

so its more like a arpg now?

Seymor Onion says:

They should have changed the dialogue in such a way as to make it a parody of itself.

Final Fil82 says:


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