Final Fantasy XV PC Gameplay With Gordon Freeman Mod – IGN Plays Live

Final Fantasy XV is out on PC with one of the most unexpected crossovers in recent memory: A Gordon Freeman costume! Join us as we play through the first hour of the game dressed in Half-Life duds on today’s IGN Plays Live. The stream starts at 1pm PT.

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Rave #gakujiro says:

What about half life 3 burb

DimensionGhost X says:

This game really deserves more recognition……one of the best games of 2017

Garrett Moody says:

What settings and resolution is this being played on ?

Manoj Varughese says:

can’t stream in 4k yet?

Monado Boy says:

That was quick

Person123 says:

4k Pizza

Cold Flame says:

We are never gonna get half life 3 man

Lucian Andries says:

Square Enix are The Best!!! I love the new Half-Life 3, Final Fantasy style!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

Steve Ozone says:

Why not edit the 30 mins of void out?

GavinUK86 says:

The Gordon Freeman outfit isn’t a mod, it’s a bonus for buying FFXV on Steam. You get The Sims stuff if you buy it on Origin.

Savage Redhood019 says:

I thought this a special costume exclusive to the pc version.

Jordan Pringle says:

there was barley any gameplay sound

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