FINAL FANTASY XV (PC) – Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 – Prologue [4K 60FPS]

Final Fantasy 15 Windows Edition / Royal Edition PC Gameplay Walkthrough Full Game 4K 2160p 60fps Max Settings Let’s Play playthrough guide.
All Main missions, side quests, hunts. dungeons, hidden missions, all summons, all cutscenes movie edition, all bosses and the ending of the game!
The ultimate 4K Walkthrough for FF15 is here.

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PROJECT: Yi says:

wait is this played on the pc or ps4? cause i c icons of a ps4 controller

Izanagi says:

Does the PC version come with all the DLC and royal pack or do I gotta buy it separately

Reginox says:

bro i get 20-30 fps with 1060 3G on high settings with hairwork. 🙁 I want to play with hairworks. If its off I get 60. Unless I play at medium then i can use hairworks.

Robin Kuusisto says:

This game looks really boring

Raizen Z says:

@1060 6GB, I got min 48 to 60 fps, with v-sync on highest setting 1080p

mattRlive says:

playing a pirated copy I see.

Stragoh says:

Emo boyband roadtrip! what could go wrong?

Pierre Ctlv says:

False it’s no 60 FPS impossible in this games

Neo Raziel says:

This is absolutely not “max settings”. Don’t give a “max settings” in your description if it’s not the case… There’s no Nvidia effects here ( no turf effect, no shadows on characters etc… ). Only the texture pack is present. This is a 4K walkthrough indeed, but not at max settings.

Andres Felipe Londoño Zapata says:

What is the characteristic of you pc?

H JY says:

Played all ff series since it came out. but stopped after 13 and 13-2. 13 sucked really bad. This game looks even more worse.

Ochinpo says:

Jesus christ my internet can’t handle playing this video smoothly for more than 5 seconds

PokemonLyle says:

I wonder if FFXV truly is this demanding, or if it’s yet another of Squares bad optimisation jobs, we all know about those after the original version of FFXV and KH 0.2

DnDn-f says:

John Wick Noctis is better than the tokyo hotel one

Naoe Harama says:

well, on steam this game is insanely expensive

Gabriele Lenzi says:

Hello, i have an issue with the beginning: the cutscene of the fire boss don’t start. Someone know how to fix?

SrDante says:

Which recorder do you use on your computer?

Crucial_US says:

I’ve never played final fantasy but shit how many do they have it’s like a new game releases every week lol

PROJECT: Yi says:

38:05, theres your villain

Daniël Fuhres says:

Lunafreya does NOT sound very happy and cheerful at the thought of marriage between her and Noctis. Her voice actrice makes her so emotionless. I lie the voice actress for the child version more as she can at least put some emotion into her voice. <=(

30 Second Hero says:

…So Lunafreya uses Umbra to deliver messages to Noctis, then comes back to her… Follow. The. Damn. Dog… He. Show. U. De. Wey!!

RINKU says:

CIdnys tits are poppin in 4K!


So used to choppy 30fps 60fps looks odd


Muito bom esse jogo tem BR responde

SirZechs D. Cifer says:

Hey can you please upload the full save file?

Lawrence Yew says:

is this highest graphic setting with everything turns on?

matizekpl says:

Looks pretty.

_WhiteIce_ says:

Ma se non é uscito ancora ed esce il 6
Lo hai scaricato craccato ora ti segnalo alla square enix

XXveny says:

Any mod that removes these ridiculous asian manga character looks? 😀

Chris G says:

I’m playing from chapter 3? Am I missing anything new?

Syakir Shukri says:

please continue yakuza 6 gameplay

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