FINAL FANTASY XV PC 4K GAMEPLAY | Final Fantasy PC Gamescom 2017

FINAL FANTASY XV PC 4K GAMEPLAY | Final Fantasy PC Gamescom 2017

This was captured in 4K at the NVIDIA Gamescom 2017 event, running on a GTX 1080ti.

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Cabinet: Corsair 760t
Motherboard: Gigabyte X99 UD4
RAM: Corsair Vengeance LPX 16 GB DDR4 2800mhz
SSD: Corsair Neutron GTX 480 GB
GPU: Zotac GTX 1070 Amp! Edition
CPU Cooler: Corsair H100i GTX
Monitor: LG 24GM77 24 Inch 144hz Gaming Monitor
Power Supply: Corsair AX1200i
Keyboard: Corsair K70 RGB Mechanical

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SageFox says:

So this is raping console graphics, the new PC crysis.

David Stewart says:

Shitblooks jus like my PS4 version,sigh

Joshua Lorenzo says:


lol says:

lol guys this is fake gameplay from ps4 u fools

Anubis_X64 says:

LOL @ Console gamers. Another “Exclusive” you can’t brag about. Now they all shit talk this game.

Justas Untulis says:

its not 60 fps

Anthony Key says:

This looks turd, pc peasants long live sega master system master race!!

MrB says:

Cuando ponen un tarado (retrasado) a jugar la demo para PC de FFXV pasa esto: Trata de seguir derecho el objetivo sin ver el mapa, piensa que puede subir las montañas; cuando debes pasar por debajo de los troncos y se pone a saltar, cuando debe saltar la reja y da con la espada; cuando no corre si no que se la pasa saltando como conejo (cree que saltar va mas rápido que corre). Y para rematar, objetivo de la misión pasar desapercibido y lo primero que hace es buscarlo de frente. Luego dice por que los juegos cada vez mas apestan, hay mucho jugador que le cuesta un huevo leer o seguir instrucciones. Que cosa no?.

Studio 42 says:

why do they let the one retard that cant follow a map and runs into a wall for 2 mins play

Alex Nil says:

FAGS: The Game

danielvutran says:

loving the block – notif. xdfp

stargateheaven23 says:

looking good. too bad this isnt recorded at 60 🙁

tellmeshades says:

This is 30fps footage uploaded at 60, pretty easy to tell when the camera pans.

funkotronian says:

I guess now we know where the budget went now…

Alltimefox says:

The grass details look a lot better.

Pascual Castrellon says:

They picked the worst player to showcase this? Jesus. His execution on everything is so wack

honestbob456 says:

looooool two gtx 1080tis for 4k experience huh? looks perfectly fine to me, my gaming x 1080ti is ready for this game for sure

Medz Awesomeness says:

Monster Hunter, Kingdom Hearts, FF7 and now this? What a good year for gaming

Craig Anderson says:

It was a sad day when JRPG Final Fantasy became an western focused open world piece of shite! 🙁

Sharmaji ka Beta says:

release date?

lil broomstick says:

i’m wet

rick hunter says:

I can notice the difference in 1) The Grass, more tall grass everywhere, 2) the hair, good color and smooth hair 3) the frame rate, looks much more smooth 4) The NPCs looks better, is by looking at the lines of the border of the face and the head and the hair , you don´t find that plastic grey-silver shine that makes the character models look so awful at times. The model of the main protagonist looks more like in the Episode Duscae Demo, no wonder they had to downgrade this game episode Duscae runned like shit!! on the ps4 and worst on the xbox one

Hayate Gekko says:

And its the people that play like this that claims the combat is “clunky”.

NooP -X says:

Its not rel you play in ps4

TheBlackbirdii says:

not really a game changer

Lee Chang says:

playstation 1 graphics….

Sa Ta says:

People still play this game?

zaggyzaggy2 says:

Look at all this unfinished game in 4k! The hair physics in 4K will make you forget that there’s no story, no character development and no meaningful quest! That HAIR is so epic, your girlfirend will want to fuck the shit out of you everyttime you play this game. And trust me, you’ll have time to fuck as the car is self-driving itself super slowly, there is literraly nothing to do

GameZard says:


pimp Snowman says:

most frustrating gameplay i’ve ever seen

LwNickV says:

Aah, the single only interesting sidequest the game has to offer…

Rei dos Vermes says:

4K 60 FPS seems to be too much for a single GPU. But if FFXV runs at 1440p 60 FPS on my system, I’ll be very satisfied.

Banan says:

mouse + keyboard > controller

Kozma says:

Говно какое то

LastEcho says:

I just cant get excited about FF15 for some reason

Matt Dargis says:

That fucking exhaust is annoying as shit.

Edit: EVERYTHING is fucking annoying in this game. Audio wise. Music is good though.

kenneth27205 says:


Zariche Yruga says:

170GB 11GB VRAM WTF he got 0.1 optimization note

Sa Ta says:

Another boring Weaboo game.

Der Zeitreisepunk says:

less 4k resolution and textures but better geometry and shadow streaming plzzzzzz… just saying

Ultizer says:

The foliage is easily the best in any game, while Horizon’s might be a bit more visually pleasing, it lacks all these physics effects.

Coouge says:

I’ve finished this game, all side quests, all DLC, all missions, and it still sucks! The gameplay is terrible.

zcabisca says:

car is annoying af but finally it wont take the long ass way around to get to the waypoints now, can finally drive anywhere u want it seems

Kurogami 411 says:

It looks smoother than the lite setting on ps4 pro tho

Simone Cancellara says:

This looks like shit imho

BigBOSS says:

who cares about 4k, we want 60 fps gameplay

MrDimeren says:

Is this MMORPG or just RPG?

Rodrigo Baltar says:

Seems like Backstreets Boys without Kevin.

The Crimson Eye says:

Let’s hope this sucker can hit 60fps on my GTX 1070 at 1080p…

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