Final Fantasy XV – PAX West 2016 Gameplay [HD]

PAX West 2016 Gameplay of Final Fantasy XV.

Genre(s): Action role-playing
Platform(s): PlayStation 4, Xbox One
Publisher(s): Square Enix
Developer(s): Square Enix
Release Date (NA): November 29th, 2016

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Leifthrasir says:

Looking forward to playing this on PC (when it gets ported to it).

Sepharite says:

Jump mechanics are ugly but that’s okay, I am not expecting Uncharted.

wktjan4286 says:

Go go Emo Japanese Teenage Cloud boys.

Raider4lfe87 says:

It looks so much fun, I’m actually relieved that I don’t have to jump from character to character. I like to control on person and have others assist, great design. Thank you.

Harmagedõn says:

In versus13 you could play as prompto and others. I mean the combat looked much better back then. Ugh why are all japanese game developers trying to copy skyrim and gta5. Lets face it mgs5 was a horribly planned out game yet i was hyped. i have doubts for this game. Japan games went to shit.

the new zelda looks like skyrim….

MegaComposers says:

Please allow us to listen to our own music in the car such as through mp3 files saved on device storage or another music service. I noticed that many games that has car in it (besides need for speed) only allows you to listen to in game tracks which after a while can get very repetitive and boring.

TheVigoo says:

I dont like how the mini map already has all the routes even tho its their first time down there?…

tre97able says:

ff 15 you better not disappoint me you son of a bitch! im shelling out 399 for a ps4 for you just so i can play you!!!!!!!!

RoxasTragic says:

okay so… where’s the duscae graphics and combat? Too much downgrade from the demo wtf

kirara2516 says:

Ugh, dang you! Why’d they have to put a flipping delay on this game? I want to play it already! Wait, the music from that badass trailer can be played on the radio? STOP MAKING ME LOVE THIS GAME SO MUCH!

Kamarr Roxs says:

So much innovation I’m so excited for this game. They have come so far from the older games in the series and I’m so happy that I can actually freely explore. I really hope they get game of the year for 2017 with this.

Dj Robby says:

Looks about as fun as watching goldfish swim around in large bowl

Keenan McXarty says:

The guys fun and all, but he’s shit at this game

Smitty Werben Jagger Man Jensen says:

That was some genuinely entertaining commentary, good job!

xVongolaXth says:

Buying it for PS4 and playing it without problems. Or buying it for PC and play it with Dualshock4 BUT without the right buttons (It shows Xbox buttons) What will be better?

JeffreyQProductions says:

Final Fantasy XV. Where when you walk in the dark your dick automatically becomes a flashlight. Where you are emo. Where in 25 minutes of gameplay you will encounter a total of two different types of enemies. Where we showcase the game with people who aren’t good at it. And where the camera is janky shit.

artzim says:

these lv7 goblins seem pretty weak compared to a lv1 party, I hope the game isnt that easy on release

Damien Hine says:

So do you actually have to craft magic any time you use it? I really hope not.

Moteki Raphael says:

If they fix The camera and the rest of the bugs,this game will be perfect for me.

Matt aydyhd says:

graphics is terrible …. oh look u can use the radio in a car that drives like a bucket of crap


Why everyone is laughing ? feels like it was a bunch of retards ther

TheSecondLife says:

can u add females to the team?

ix3milano says:

iono man wtf happened im not impressed with this gameplay one bit wtf

Kao Nashi says:

Someone sounds Malaysian/Singaporean

Ragnar Lothbrok says:


Dariam Pozo says:

now I know what I’m gonna do early in the gams

AbsoluteMMA101 says:

Oh YES! Thankfully I’m getting a PS4 Pro. I’ll be playing FFXV at 2K 60FPS 🙂

Ku-sang Kain says:

Was that a quick nod to gilgamesh battle on the big bridge

Jason9811 says:

Oh shit there’s a gas gauge? Yoooo realism to the max :V

Asaru Chaos says:

i swear the gaming community today is pure cancerous. whenever a game trailer/demo comes out there will always be people who bitch about the game and saying” this is my opinion i can bash a game that i dislike” holy shit those kind of people needs to stop playing video games and get a fucking life

joker28 Diaz says:

This is a garbage. this was supposed to be released ten years ago

Marcus Iao Fong says:

I hope Nyx will show up in FFXV. It’s too bad if he is dead.

resinate says:

i wished they kept old combat system from the demo

Make It Happen says:

i can not wait

Lucho Portuano says:

annoying af

Omar Alhusban says:

can you go totally off road

Gilbert Aquino says:

is there a part of the video that shows the summons? i really dont want to to go thru all 25 mins of footage. can someone post what time. Thank you.

Kwazy mofo says:

Would’ve been better if there were more enemies than just the goblins in that cave. One or two extra enemy types mixed amongst the goblins would made the cave more interesting.

Nick Daley says:

70 hour boss? someone talk

Hugh Jazz says:

Oh man… should I watch? Are there any spoilers? These videos are too tempting.

Lex_Ka says:

its deffinitelly coming to pc, even shit XIII and XIII-2 did, have faith

Swarth2300 says:

i always have hated final fantasy i played one with tidus and yuna and talking about final fantasy was the easiest way to bore me to death however this looks amazing and i really want it now

Tony Berrigan says:

This game looks fun everywhere except dark caves.

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