Final Fantasy XV Official Episode Prompto Gameplay

Gun down Imperial riflemen in this DLC.

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The Social Unrest says:

Let’s hope this isn’t 10 minutes like Episode Gladiolus.

Kurt OFiveOne says:

More corridors ?

Rectal Punch Arts & Illustrations says:

I hope Ignis DLC will be a mini cooking game.

Kosky Power says:

Why weren’t the stealth mission’s like this in the base game.

Lukesoddlife says:

Metal Gear Fantasy?

ZZOskarZZ says:

i actually enjoy the game BUT i am not gonna spent my money on these dlcs cause they dont add anything interesting to the story and also they are too short.

undinexe says:

I want episode ignis to be us just fumbling around in the dark for like 3 hours doing regular ass shit

H0rridRex says:

Fuck this game.

Таня Щекина says:


Noble6233 says:

Where has the fantasy gone to.

Cromez23 says:

I didn’t play the main game. But to me this action, & stealth gameplay intrigues me more then the main. & that pistol gameplay looks smooth AF!

CoDa 67 says:

Wtf has happened to Sqaure Enix… final fantasy has fallen sooooo far 🙁

Gideon McAllistar says:

No one plays this shit anymore, they released an unfinished game and think they can save it with dlc.

Dominik Schneider says:

open door with circle 😀

Evan Garnier says:

The fuck is this shit?

magaldi says:

Every new thing that comes out for this game is a little too late. People who held on and are waiting for some GOTY edition will be the ones to trully benefit from this new content.

Umbra says:

Can you interrupt the pacing with fucking handholding messages some more please, its not ruined enough.

NoMoreHeroes02 says:

I like the look of this, but I wish they’d shown more than repetitive white corridors! It looks like a boring Death Star interior!

Kaelan says:

Looking forward to running down a bunch of hallways

84jesterx says:

“I can’t let them find me!” after shooting a loud gun earlier.
“I can do this.” after mowing down another enemy with bullets.
“that was a close one!” after literally blowing up enemies with a bazooka.

Man the writing in this game can be bad.

Logan Lewis says:

“PS4 Footage Shown” Ah I recognized the low frame rates and screen tearing.

um bongo says:

yep,the dlc becomes more and more pointless and stupid.Nothing Fantasy about this shit,wonder if 16 will save them, cuz 15 is a travesty

sander895 says:

I want a turn based Final Fantasy with a good story and I don’t care about the graphics, for all I care it can be SNES graphics, don’t these developers understand this, even the FF7 remake is action based super resolution BS..

Americansikkunt says:

This isn’t final fantasy…

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