FINAL FANTASY XV – New Timed Quest Boss Fight & Ragnarok Sword Gameplay | PS4 Pro

FFXV New timed quest 6th march 2017 06.03.2017 in Full HD 60 FPS on PS4 Pro.
New Boss battle timed quest gameplay.

Thumbnail is for visual purposed, it does not indicate who the new monster will be, we dont know yet, or how strong it will be.

Update: New timed quest is against 2 Malboro’s and 2 maldoboom’s.
The limited time quest will last 1 week, from March 7th 2017 to March 14th 2017.

Rewards: 500K Gil
500 AP
5 oracle ascencion coins
15k EXP.

Common item drop: Phoenix downs, mega-potions, megalixirs


J.J.C gaming says:

lol i just noticed , nier ost in ff15 , wtf ?

brandon j says:

I beat this in like 6 minutes lol. As well as crab boss. With a ribbon though it would be like 3 minute fight.Great vids though. Hope you will check mine out I am a newbie of FFXV.

TakoBoi says:

Loading takes forever in this game.

MasterJ360 says:

all I can say is farming this won’t be pretty I’m just glad I’m 120 from the cactuar quest and already maxed out on the best healing items guess I’ll just try it out for the challenge.

WK WK says:

With the main story completed, level maxed out, dungeons played, legendary weapons obtained and skills all acquired, these timed quests are sort of boring and meaningless. At least give us a new weapon or an outfit or something new.

Prompto Argentum says:

I just want to ride my chocobo all day what I can’t get it out of my head.

Free Music Tribe says:

Solid video

Rufus Potts says:

🙁 where is Cerberus?

Rusty says:

how long is this event gonna last? cus i have work until 1am 🙁

Captain Ryan18 says:

the screenshot thing in the like where u see the video, where is that from?

Paris coke says:

can anyone tell me why his phase attacks have that sound?

Meister777 says:

is there a benefit to farming the new quest multiple times?

Geoffrey Lopin says:

vidéo trop long pour la même mission …..

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