Final Fantasy XV New PS4 Gameplay – We’ve Played It!

We’ve played the first 3-hours of Final Fantasy XV! Check out this brand new PS4 gameplay while Hollie chats with Rob about 7 things we learned during our hands-on. This video contains no story spoilers.

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Mr. Bastos says:

I really should stop watching these videos. It looks so good, and I can’t wait to get it. I think the game is going to be quite good, but if I keep hyping myself up on it, it would be very hard to be able to live up to the hype.

Bruce Wayne says:

Is it me or the Dinner Owner is Forest Whitaker?

Gordon Freemason says:

Being like FF10 sounded reassuring. They haven’t really told a good story for quite a while.

Artimes X says:

Is it just me or does the Astral Sphere system seem a little small. I mean in FF X, you get this wide huge Sphere Grid that accommodates all the hundreds of hrs you can develop your party. But in XV you get this half circle for each character? I don’t know, that seems like its not as much, considering the 200 hrs of game play in this game. Anyone else have any thoughts on this?

R&R Wargaming says:

I haven’t played any of the previous ff games do I need to to understand the story of ff15

TheNoci says:

So, for the record, did that Samurai/whatever guy in the cave use unleash? I would so love to get some of those DRK moves, I mean, aside from the “let me just casually land on your face with my spear” move from the DRG’s. Also really hope we can get access to some classic spells, I want to get some white mage action…

Kynon Ardoin II says:

My only problem with the battle system is that you have to hold the button to pull of combos. It feels kinda lazy and weird to me. I know I’ll be switching weapons a lot to make up for it, but still…

scarlace says:

Imagine if dark souls and final fantasy had a baby?

TheWetbones says:

anyone else think the diner owner looks like Forest Whitaker?

Thierry Laurent says:

Beautiful video ◕‿↼ I love it!!!

VEN Productions says:

Kingdom Hearts for adults is Kingdom Hearts

Max VOISIN says:

the first part is with richard the Noctis father, in the battle against Ifrit !!

barryredfield says:

I’m SOOO glad that Hollie said the game felt like playing Final Fantasy X as I’ve enjoyed that game the most with the sphere grid and the reference to Rikku’s mixing formula, now being used for magical alchemy of sorts, to use for battle. I know many people love Final Fantasy VII with the characters and rich story elements, and I have no doubt that it will be retained for the remake that they are currently working on, after an explosive demand since the tech demo way back during the PS3 early days. I love FF VII as well but I just seemed to enjoy the combat layout and the other unique features made possible in Final Fantasy X, so I think that I’ll enjoy Final Fantasy XV even more than I thought I would and this has helped to cement my decision to buy it without question when it releases in November.

Damian_plays says:

This was played on a normal PS4 right? not Ps4 pro, if so, im totally staying in my ps4. looks enough beautyfull and fluently to me.

natanael murga says:

i hope you can change the audio language to japanese

Kolibri 1491 says:

Now that I’ve played almost 180 hours of FFXV, I am prepared to watch this video 😀

Alfonso Formicola says:

I wonder if this one shall be the best JRPG ever made…

Yusuf khot says:

Hey guys i like open world games so i was wondering is this game worth the cash for me ?? I had fallout 4 but i really did not like it and i havent played ff before . So let me know if it is good or like fallout 4 cos it seems pretty good here but shud not be bad when i get it

causeofcurse says:

Can you get different party members?

Dantes Prophet says:

“Well the beginning starts in hammerhead…”

I kid I kid.

saitar1337 says:

Looks like GTA V

IxKromedxI1 says:

Please to high heaven let there be no micro-transaction in this game… PLEASE!!…

Music1sPeace says:

I’ve only Played FF7 and FFX. My question is, Magic has turned to crafting so do you constantly have to find materials to use Ultima, Firaga, Holy etc? or once you craft it the first time, you have it forever.. no matter the level of the magic? Meaning I upgraded my Fire to Firaga, so it stays as firaga after use without have to get new material over and over again

kenson pierre says:

Hollie did an excellent job………… As usual

Adam says:

I miss the good old days when you could control all the characters in combat, now in Final Fantasy you can only play one character in combat to suit New Generation players needs, I don’t feel connected to characters I don’t play in my party,

Final Fantasy 13: Sure you can switch leader but whats the point? You still end up playing only one character and let the AI do your job.

Final Fantasy 13-2: same as above.

Final Fantasy Type-0: You have 15 characters but you can only control one in your party, I managed to complete the game by only playing as Ace and Queen and felt no connection to any of the characters.

I like Action based RPG and turned based but if it’s going to be action based then leave it with one character, there have been so many moments when I have to rely on an AI to heal me I get so screwed over. I am trying to like this but everytime I see that the AI is controlling those other 3 characters it reminds me why I am starting to hate the new FF games.

kylemanpower hulk says:

will this game have any cities? all ive seen so far is fields and deserts

littlefurnace says:

The mark system seems almost exactly the same as FFXII

The Black Panther says:

I’m so gonna get this for Christmas

Rithysak Serey says:

Has the graphic been downgraded?

MyNameIsKippo says:

Oh God, cooking and magic seem ridiculously boring.

Hope I’m wrong tho

hudzz says:

the draw distance is quite bad, especially rocks and mountains

James j says:

I wish magic used mp because I don’t want to buy items just to use magic

ShoKatsu Ryou says:

I have a question. Will this game have a new game plus mode?

Bornmetal says:

It made the void WORSE! ;(

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