Final Fantasy XV New PS4 Gameplay – Epic Titan Battle

Hollie takes Rob through her playthrough of Final Fantasy XV

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Brandon Elliott says:

I’m in tears only 99 more days I wish they would release this stage demo for ps4 on psn I’m jealous

TenaciousGamer says:

I cannot wait any longer for this game

Zenos71 says:

glad to see the game is performing pretty well on the ps4.

Rhetz Denne says:

I no longer feel the magical fantasy theme like I had after the old era of Final Fantasy .. the last one I enjoyed is FF12 .. I didn’t even finish ff13 because it gets boring

Toasted Danish says:

Please tell me all the summon fights won’t focus on quicktime events… My heart couldn’t handle it…

Master Keeper says:

This gameplay is much better than the live ganeplay we saw in Xbox One’s conference…

Xereo Plays says:

Not Turn Based. This is how i remember FF series and that is how it should remain.
So not really interested in this new style. FF7 & FF8 Still remain the best of them all.

che wangia says:

The GoW is strong in this fight

Deadly Dragon says:

….I’d it me or does it look worse than before (graphicly)

Liakos Apostolopoulos says:

game play looks better than expected

delmas5productions says:

can’t wait for this game it’s really really fun from the demo that was on the store still free to download

1XSilencer says:

this played very well on ps4 than xbox one, this girl played like she knew what she was doing.

Salzdrumm says:

I had to stop this video, because I don’t wanna spoil me. :/

FaZe BlitZZer says:

I love this game I play the beta I like it it better then th other one so far I want to get the game

Alex Woody says:

That knuckle warp tho XD I love that part

Niall Higgins says:

Completely forgot this is coming next month, and right on my payday! Loving the battle system, that turn-based belongs in the past, it’s time to make new waves.

MultiSpoilers says:

am i the only one who thinks this gameplay graphics seems slightly downgraded?

Jayden McKenzie says:

AMAZING DEMO!!!!!! Can we hope to see anymore FFXV coverage like interviews with the director?

Jerry Lee says:

Wow looking very awesome and sweet gameplay!

هاشم الاخضري says:

how about bhamut and his signature mega flare

lesclaypaul says:

This game looks like garbage. Final Fantasy??? Really??? 4 dudes that are emo clones of each other? What happened to each character being unique?

My name is Misha and I declare war says:

I wonder what does the environment looks with Blizzaga LOL

Altered Nexus says:

do you switch between the characters or are you stuck as the little guy except at certain times

Harrison Neoh says:

Me too, ALWAYS calling them GF. So got used to it. LOL!

Mike Hettfield says:

congrats to Hollie for making this demo look as it should be played, we’re proud of you Hollie 🙂

ajmrowland says:

I think Shiva was actually shown in the anime.

Antonio Howard says:

Think Im going to sit this one out. Not feeling the boy band vibe.

SolidMGSnake says:

Alright. that didn’t look too bad. I’m gunna have to follow this girl lol

anthony Davis says:

Dang this is sweet

1XSilencer says:

will this demo be on ps4 before september 30th

dmnetinho says:

Didn’t they say that you had to play Final Fantasy XV Platinum Demo to get Carbuncle?

alef321 says:

they should used this video to demo the game, that xbox conf video was just cringy and painful to watch.

Eivriel Sacramento says:

I think I’d be more interested in playing this game if there were ladies in the party because currently, I’m not even enticed at all. I need a Yuna-like woman to support me 🙁

Zoltan Takacs says:

Can we get a link with the original voice of the game without commentary?
I would like to hear the glorious background music. 🙂
Great video though. 🙂

diamondheat9 says:

I had to go look for the Xbox presentation from the comments and it was quite terrible. We all know Matt Keshimoto isn’t a great gamer as seen in his platinum demo gameplay.

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