FINAL FANTASY XV NEW Gameplay DLC & Car Customization (TGS 2016)

Final Fantasy 15 TGS 2016 Gameplay DLC (PS4/Xbox One) ファイナルファンタジーXV

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Christopher H says:

geez all those frame drops ….

Asim Siddiqui says:

Beach in the Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker looked better than this.

( . Y . ) says:

monster truck mudding dlc? Maybe?

joichschonwieder says:

the game isn’t out yet and it already has dlc’s

Aar Lekz says:

I want that jacket, it says I’m in a secret club all over it.

Sanchez says:

This shit is gay. Playing dress up with dudes?

Elli says:

Any news on dlc to change noctis hair?

Bardaouil says:

@square enix noctis runs like retarded. please fix this.

Robert Allan says:

I have not played a ff game since ps1 and I plan on getting this I have no idea what I’m in for lol

Andres Riera says:

This shit is Grand Theft Fantasy.

Alexander Heath says:

0:57. Holy shit! Are they actually driving the car now!?!


Clicked video b/c Noctis’ jacket looked like Ryo Hazuki’s from #Shenmue

Asim Siddiqui says:

I’m giving this to you in writing: “THIS GAME IS GOING TO SUCK”.

Lavaughn Mcrae says:

i dont know how i should feel about all this clean ff15 footage when i pre-ordered the game for it to be delayed 2 months

TogaChimp says:

so ive heard recently that alot of animes in japan are implementing a bunch of guy-on-guy centered plots with homosexuality themes being underscored more prominently. Is this game’s plot going to display much of this current japanese culture?

MegaTwiztid15 says:

It’s official. This game is going to be amazingly fun and badass. I can’t wait till November.
And I’m laughing at people bitching about Noctis’ running.

Aarein Williams says:

It’s starting to feel like grand theft fantasy 15

Jayjay Myers says:

I think they delayed this to wait for the release of ps pro which will make the game look even more amazing

Tim Frieden says:

They should of made that jacket his main outfit

Byron Saavedra says:

86.210.936 GIL!!!!!

jean pierre says:

is the bomber jacket dlc or in game?

pablo white says:

trop presssé

Jadae16t says:

The end boss will be all 4 guys, and they have to beat ‘Yaoi’ until it erupts.

TheLenny655 says:

And he stills runs like a bitch.

Rodrigo Soares says:

PS4 version have a terrible frame rate, Xbox One version run a lot more fluidly. Try the Xbox One version next time guys!

aionCrasher says:



Ryu says:

Que se anuncien dlc antes de la salida del juego me parece muy triste, tan dificil es vender un juego completo.Se ve que 60 euros no son suficientes

BecomingBump says:

holy this looks like fun

VGBC P3rs0na says:


Ludens says:

Ever since the delay I’ve lost hype I don’t want to sit here looking at my computer screen I want to play the damn game

Kingportable says:

The character sprites/models are the least colorful that ever been. They’re all wearing the same plain black costume.

kay E says:

okay so the car doesnt go faster than 20 mph and it drives worse than watchdogs

Yue Jin says:

nice dlc

kardiana S says:

clearly im mad about this ff. an ff that hate kupo is not ff that usually love kupos.

Luks says:

mama desune

rdor011 says:

Squarely in the cynic category. They needed to distance themselves from FF13 to restore faith in the franchise instead of extending the bizarre pretentious elements. Square (Enix) either don’t know or don’t want the existing fan base. They’re trying to pander to a pop culture casual market instead. Been that way for years now. That market doesn’t really exist – will it take eventual bankruptcy for them to realize it? Looks like it could be awful but I hope to be proven wrong, even something similar to FF12 would be enough.

teamhebi13 says:

Sep 30th Rip the release date

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