Final Fantasy XV – New Gameplay Details from May 31, 2016 Active Time Report

Footage/Images Courtesy of Square Enix.




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tiernanstevens117 says:

I’ll still deal with this but- I have a strange feeling a lot people are gonna hate the amount of times you lose control of the player

Fang Striker says:

When he says “we should wait until E3 for news about graphics” something tells me it’s related to the new ps4 console update coming. I bet the new console will have better graphics for this game.

Asaru Chaos says:

hah! tabata finally said that the graphics from the platinum demo is downgraded and you we have to wait until e3 this year. your pass complaints about the graphics is utterly shit now lol

suprqt says:


deviltan85 says:

I just want it now I’m so excited cant wait to come out !

Kaitlyn Khan says:

_My birthday month for this game, and so far I’m excited for it. :3 Still, I do have a few ups and downs, but I’m still looking forward to this. :)_

naruto78961 says:

Never been a Final Fantasy fan. More of a Persona guy but this game actually interests me! I played the demo and was surprised by how good it was.

Nyx says:

This game is going to have a fuck ton of framerate drops.

Hserwah Tarwawa says:

linear open world what kind of it that?

War624 says:

Pretty excited overall. Though I wonder why they chose not to give the player full control of the boat. Not a deal breaker, just seems strange when you can fly in the car, and I assume fly anywhere around the area you’re currently in.

Icecl Keyheart says:

big twist, the game has a turn based mode confirmed,…i would love that so much

the softest meme says:

Am I one of the only few casual gamers here? A game doesn’t have to be absolutely perfect to be fun in my book..

Yoshiya Abiko says:

Back at it again with the ps3 graphics!

flyingace747 says:

Ive been wondering what happens if you crash the car on the ground? Will it be damaged or do you have to restart from a check point?

C.J. Jones says:

im nervous about the frame rate. Both demos seemed pretty shitty.

Paul Zamfira says:

please make it for PC <3

Jaylen B says:

Persona 5> FFXV

Sjono says:

Who cares if the car can’t play custom tracks? PS4 & XO have background music functionality anyway

The Watcher says:

This will be a VERY gutted open world, which is fine but the impression the game gives is NOT that.

The boat rides especially, I can tell why you cant control the boat, so they don’t have to code collisions all over the map, but like this whats the point? Without player input, NO the camera moving is NOT player input, not player agency at least. Its a glorified cut scene. If you could do something while it happens. like a card minigame? That would be actually fucking great.

Wheat ppl don’t realize that from all the info it’s pretty much obvious that areas are boxed in, and there will be “loading” tunnels connecting them while the car auto drives. So flying will ONLY take place within boxes. The gameover on crash landing is a cheap way to avid players getting to places they dont want them to, like over the edge of the invisible bounding boxes.

And DONT tell me its not gonna be boxed, if you know the first thing about game development you know this will be the case.

IonXtreme says:

Both this and Deus Ex will probably tie for GOTY

SuperAvocado says:

Crash the car game over? Was this really necessary?
What if you forgot to save the game, you`ll lose all your played hours because of a stupid car crash.

Jacob 25FilmGuy says:

That Stand by me cover is amazing great job on getting some new info on final fantasy XV Yong you are the gamer’s reporter in a sense. What I am basically saying is you report on games we as a gaming community love and want to hear about. Keep it going you are amazing. Question for you Yong when are you going to come back and do your yongplays series I love that series

Icecl Keyheart says:

i hope there’s a theatre mode as the game progresses

Renan Fonseca says:

The flying car seems to be the airship of this game . If this is the case so it will probably be available next to the end

MidnightSundowns says:

I’m mixed with this info…With the end of FFXV Uncovered it seemed like you’d be able to fly freely (like older games) but, can you fly freely? Can you only go to pre-destined places? It’s not bothering me too much, but it’s just food for thought considering the boating reveal.

chakatsnowfire888 says:

this game is going to be so dame awesome i cant wait tell it comes out

Michael Bryan Newball says:

Thanks for this excellent sum up!

Umbrella4117 says:

i can’t wait to see them announce Better graphic on PS4 neo.

Eccentric_Bambi605 says:


itimmy101 says:

I wasn’t really in “a realm reborn” or “FF14”, but this game has definitely grabbed my attention… i can’t wait to see what E3 brings! #E3hype

Dalyn Person says:

I’m gonna make love with the excitement of watching the 99% click over to 100 when the game arrives.

proteinchan says:



Cometmoon448 says:

Thanks for relaying the info!

Black Da Ripper says:

I know I’m late yong but it seems that this game will be one of my favorite games I’ve played in a while

Android 1992 says:

“If you crash it’s game over”… In other words the game has poor flight controls and they didn’t bother to figure out how to make them better.. Wtf they mean you cant climb ? THATS BASIC SHIT! So now i gotta struggle threw the graphics to get up some shit??!! Cmon now sqaure enix! Delay this shit and get it together! The game still looks beta as hell! Can you even swim in this game? Is there any type of underwater world? Like what is the deal, that this game looks half complete still? Like wtf sqaure enix? Got to be kidding me…this game is a huge disappointment…they had YEARS to figure all this shit out! They half assed it because they had no idea wtf they were doing…. This game needs to be pushed back again…I’m sorry, it’s not ready to stand up against other games on the market

Edugaytion says:

leveling has always been different in FF not just since VII. VI was all about equipping espers and learning abilities from them, V was the job class system all the way back to I which was pure job system.

tiernanstevens117 says:

“linear, open world” I thought that was a sandbox?

Vertigo blenders says:

i dont mean to be rude but when you said that its not open worled i couldent help but think your a crap resercher because you can go anywere and to prove it the firts demo let you go anywere and camps as save points.

Android 1992 says:

I’m just really #done with this game…the gameplay just keeps getting worst and fucking worst ! sure it’s a beautiful ass game…don’t get me wrong but the gameplay is weak as hell! It doesn’t bring anything new to the table nor tests the boundaries… They were better off making this game a movie tbh

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