FINAL FANTASY XV NEW Gameplay Boss Battle (TGS 2016)

FINAL FANTASY XV TGS 2016 Aranea Highwind Boss Battle Gameplay

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DisagreeableRS says:

dont know about anyone else, but i can move the camera while attacking, defending etc. not too difficult XD

NoRapName says:

Was the newest delay announced yet?

Ashique sadman says:

my god the camera angles..!!! they are so bad..!!!

Tahchee Grant says:

Even if this is a new player which what I prefer in a demo anyways to give a better overall perspective. The game looks like it will have camera issues in battle, and overall the battle system is a bit hack and slash, but that is what this era of RPG player prefers I suppose. We have to stay with the times the kids are all about face pace. Constantly moving and flowing. I’m just glad there are still core RPG elements in the game.
I’m excited for the game it’s been a very long wait, but the company knows they’ve built an unreal hype for XV and they are doing everything they can to brace themselves for the critical reviews that are looming.
I just need this game to release already so I can get the failure of star ocean 5 out of my system.

Samuel Fey says:

fps drops below 30 shame

Adrian de la Paz says:

i do love to see this game on my pc BUT the frame rate has a masive drop in combate

The Rose Experience says:

Same people complaining about the camera are the ones that give Soulsborne 9+ and their camera is garbage. Footage looks incredible and the camera will be fine.

Juan Luis says:

sigue teniendo tremendos bajones de frames en los combates

DieHappy InYourWorld says:

I’m not sure… 1st this guy can’t play or 2nd the camera is really bad

Nico stratos says:
the time has come, and so have i

Roberto Bezerra says:

Some of the fighting looks like Dissidia

Coldmana says:

Seriously the combat system doesn’t look decent enough for me to buy the game. Well, there are other issues too…

Narf D. says:

Why on earth do they always let some noob play to showcase the game. That dude totally screwd up the camera, never locked off from Aranea, didn’t even use the magics to any good (like area-of-effect-damage combined with healing). He nearly killed the whole group with his fire-spell instead of using blizzara to slow Aranea down.
But, its easy to see, why the game needs more polishing, too. Glitching camera angles, stuttering and that-alike should not be in the final game. One easy solution to the Highwind-battle: Lower her jump-distance. She’s dragoony enough with her lance, her fighting-style and her outfit, she doesn’t need to jump 30 feet high to be a dragoon.

The battle-system looks good, especially the link-attacks are amazing. But it needs a good player to look as good visually as it technically is, not those “amateurs” we saw here or in the titan-demo.

jonathan raharja says:

the gal got rekt

MercilessV says:

god whoever is playing is awful.

CaudioVI says:

Y are people posting gameplay videos of a game we won’t be getting till November?? Why TF would I want to know spoilers?

てぃんてぅぃん says:


misterPAINMAKER says:

very japanese.

Dante 1996 says:

The player just kept on running during the whole video. WTF was that??.

xXRazorfistXx says:

Does not look like a very strategic game so far, but a good hack and slash at least.

xFlyingFlip says:

Don’t judge the game based off this low res video.

Ferdinand Andre says:

They should hire more professional players to show the Demo… Like MasterLL or Omegaevolution!
Dang he’s not even locking on the boss. Lock on is the BASIC way if you’re lazy for camera movements 😮

Zuk Fea says:

camera angles and bad fps will be the problem of thia game hope they fix this before release.

fizzy White says:

she kinda reminds me to….claire a.k.a lightning…

NocTheDoc says:

the camera is definitely not the players fault. square has always had a problem with cameras.

shadow52 sniper says:

amazing gameplay

queen comic says:


devil may cry magdy says:


Phillip Wong says:

I feel like ff15 is never coming out. Their just stringing us along

Simon Isenberg says:

What a mess :/

Anime Vinex says:

She’s a Highwind, I had my hopes up that she might be related to Kain but I guess not. She’s hot though hope Noctis doesn’t kill her…

On The Way Home says:

Dragoon !

Django says:

I prefer turn base or at least XII’s gambit system. This is not JRPG at all…
It’s look like Dragon age ???

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