Final Fantasy XV – Moogle Gameplay

In Final Fantasy XV, Moogles are lucky items that can be used as decoys! Check this video out to see them in action
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Moogles are famous Final Fantasy mascots and their inclusion in FFXV is due to the fan demand to have them in the game.
As part of the Moogle Collection Twitter Campaign where we asked fans to follow the official FFXV Twitter account (@FFXVEN) to collect Moogles and this video was released as a reward to all of our followers and Moogle supporters on Twitter.
This Moogle gameplay video highlights how the renowned Final Fantasy mascots are implemented in FFXV! You can use them to distract enemies or to lure them into a trap but be careful because not all enemies can be fooled!

Thank you for supporting Moogles in FFXV!
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Final Fantasy XV will be available worldwide on 29th November, 2016 for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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ATP says:

I will live stream this as soon as the game is out

Orelux Tenebrae says:

They should’ve wrote: No actual moogles were harmed in the production of this game

yamatoyukihiro says:

Behemoth was like “My Int stat is too high for silly games like this” #FFXVScience

Rougamaru says:

No moogles were harmed during the making of this video, Kupo! XD

mário r Ricardo says:

Ice magic is f*** awesome.

TruePerception says:

Man, those guys _really_ hate moogles…

Tiff's Right Ear says:

Moogle sandbag.

RisaKazura says:

what did the poor moogle do to noctis?

UsonoHoushi says:

Okay, the ONLY reason why it was fun throwing Mog around in FF13-2 was because the game was “meh” at best, you need it to collect things, and it’s voice just made you not feel guilty throwing it around.

Other Moogles, you just want to hug and cuddle. This doll included.

BUT! I do like the idea of using it as a trap item.

So in short: I’ll use it. But I wont feel good about it. At least… not like I did in 13-2.

Carl Kiessig says:


Andreas Michael Design says:

Its a good trap item.. but are moogles not in the game? I mean come on… Taking out iconic FF stuff is bullshit.

Andrei says:

the most annoying piece of shit god i always hated that moe shit in ff 13-2 and ff xiv

MOGGY ANGRYgrrr says:

Grrr… I will have revenge… kupo….

zynaxsoft says:

Would love to see behemoth play with moogle like a dog or cat

Robbie Keith says:

I don’t understand why this game has to be some wannabe Metal Gear game with magic. The graphics are great, just put that into a normal turn-based JRPG with an amazing story and real character development. Though I suppose the later two points are pretty much impossible for SquareEnix, judging by what they’ve put out over the past 15 years…. -_-

jeramahia123 says:

OMG, the emo kid is capable of smiling!

glemmstengal says:

“Alright guys, we need to remind them that this is Final Fantasy, throw in a Chocobo or a Moogle or some shit”

knuclear2010 says:

Would be better to throw actual moogles
Rabid moogles
that attack other bad guys, as a distraction
or we can throw behemoths
rabid behemoths
that attack other bad guys, as a distraction

Night Ninja says:

What is the name of this battle theme???

Savio Salles says:

They increased the amount of vegetation in the ground, good

madjo23 m/ says:

really hate the hair of the male characters in this video

Rynn21 says:

That is the second creepiest looking moogle to XIII’s…

spencer martin says:

This has been in development for 10 years,,,, for a game like this you obviously didn’t work hard enough.

Fair Strife says:

Seeing Noct hold a Moogle plush makes me warm inside. So cute

John Mullen says:

1:20 – 1:22 dance move inspiration from the enemy

Lucas Medina says:

Look at the Goblin charging the GOBLIN PUNCH right at the end ! 😀

Prepare Yourself says:

Poor mog he’s had such a hard life

xxVoicELeSSxx says:

Are those also the new graphics? Because all those last gameplay videos looked awful ^^

Homeboy10 says:

that picture of them with the Moogle at the end is too cute lolz ^___^

OBoreham says:

Kupo :'(

ゆきねこ says:


danielvutran says:


mark kaufman says:

hey member the mog from the ff6 commercial yeh i member.

Brandon Uphoff says:

R.I.P to all the Moogle’s that will have to endure this after Nov. 29th, kupo!

Jake Deschamps says:


Olga Wolga says:

I’m getting used to this game even though i never played it. This is sad. I hope it can still bring me some fun when it comes out.

Antigameplayers says:

Where can i get this music?

ブラックホーク V2 says:


TheRiotDX says:

I for one can’t wait to get murdered by overpowered Behemoths in yet another FF game

Tahu Nuva says:

But y tho

Iqra Asad says:

Made me smile 🙂

The Last And First Time says:

Seriously? oh my fucking god ha ha ha ha ha

Putri Hendriani says:


뒷발토끼 says:

this is moogle-cruetly !!! i am reporting this to PETA!! or should i say PETM.

Red Comet says:

Guess people hate Moogle so much in ffxiv, and as well as in ffxv…

Loc K says:

final fantasy turned into dead rising ;D

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