FINAL FANTASY XV – Level 140 Dread Behemoth Boss Fight Gameplay | Strongest Boss in FF15 PS4 Pro

FFXV Lv. 140 Dread Behemoth epic and strongest boss battle gameplay on PS4 Pro in 1080P 60FPS. The strongest, most powerful, hardest, immune to magic and most badass looking monster boss in FF15. Only available via limited Time Quest event. Dread Behemoth, the black winged behemoth has higher level and stronger attacks than any other monster / boss in the game

999 AP
1,250,000 Million Gil / Money
x9 Oracle Ascension Coins
30k Experience points Bonus + Exp for the fight



Raymond Atanante says:

I used lasagna food to avoid elementary damage, and a nice boost in hp and exp. warp strike and ragnarok ftw

MercilessV says:

Tabata absolutely fucked FFXV up in every way. The battlesystem while trying to fuck with this thing i borderline unplayable. You then play 10 minutes of Nier’s combat system and say “how did I tomach this?” Nothing short of a full on reboot of this entire project into Nomura’s original Versus vision could ever fix this.

Worst FF ever made.

Armorwing01 says:

how the fuck am I going to beat this motherfucker?

Epyon94x says:

6 minutes – guarantee critical foods

Ivan Kovacevic says:

Actually a very good exp farm if usin pasta al forno and like me DONT have the nerves farming rare coins…

Bangguru YT says:

I beated this guy at lvl 69 ir tooked me time but worth it

Tony Ouk says:

What’s the ost from the beginning before the fight started plz

錐生アンジー says:

I just used Noctis’s bow of the clever then Ignis’s Overwhelm Technique and while I was waiting for the bar to fill up for his Technique I just used star of the rogue at the Behemoths face/horns. worked well, only was a lvl 84 and got it done in 45 mins.

TheFantasyFen says:

Currently level 100… Hm… Level 140 boss…

Vincent Sok says:

this guy’s horns did not want to break for me. it’s extremely durable.

Arthur Brandon Nielsen says:

I actually found this guy to be fairly easy.  His attacks hit hard, but he seemed to have two patterns of attack: scratch and maul, and spit and divebomb.  Both the mauls and divebombs can be parried, and divebomb can be countered.
The only drag I had was that it seemed only Noct would bother dodging anything.
Oh and I had Noct at 95 and GIP at 91, not on NG+.

DragonSlayerGU says:

Geez how is that quality so damn good?!

Chuckie Finster says:

I was blown away running up to the spot as soon as I seen this behemoth there. it almost makes me more excited to see what next week’s timed quest will be. hopefully they don’t do dumb shit and give us a level 50 one with no rewards

Scott Burnhard Bernard says:

how do you get to this boss?

Norman Reyes says:

is this hunt available right now? ?

Michael Altamirano says:

Pfft… nothing compared to the costlemark coeurls

Funky duky says:

God of the Behemoths.

Xiahou Dun says:

Damn! only 10 mins took me 30 mins. But tried to cast spells… he heals. This guy keeps killing my Ignis/Albert Wesker. His my favorite!!

Ricky Matthews says:

I was watching my older brother face the bastard and he finally killed it

Nealvy says:

gameplay looks so smooth compared to XB1 at 30fps

bill feedmon says:

What was the song playing from the beginning to 0:08?

blink99v says:

So you need season pass for all these dlcs and missions? and is it worth it with just a ps4 not a ps4pro?

Obama lit af says:

They should have a TQ where you fight 3 adamantoises for 3M gil

The more you know says:

Would’ve been a 100x better challenge if Potions were restricted.

LarsJunFan Oleg Troitskii says:

This one is ultimately tough. I’m barely defeated him with my 90 level party = but i must admit! Prise is very high! 1 million gil! & What most critical part… Any magic is heals him…

Jose says:

fellows I recently finished the game and after the update I can see timed quest, however I can’t seem to activate it. Do I need to new game plus or can I do it on chapter 15 post ending?

Boombastic Bubber Ducky says:

Bruh I Kil1ed this b1tch at lv 1 wit n0thing but a rusty sp00n n’ a b0x O matches, I Merrderred my m8’s prebattl3 s0 It culd b MOAR 0f a challenge, and 1t wasn’t, lik if mah sk1ll has made U question lif3.

Francois Lauzon says:

with the ragnarok … almost every battle is an easy fight .. took me around 20 min to beat him

mike domingue says:

What if next week time quest involved 2 level 100 tonberys

Trenton Davis says:

Took me 20 minutes with a food buff and at lvl 95, would’ve been shorter but I used fire magic (WHICH FUCKING HEALED IT!!!) Used Balmung when I was low HP but full MP then switched to Zwil when full HP and low MP, spammed Promptos defense down attack and Armiger.
Oh and I would have used a 100% Crit food buff, but that would’ve been boring wouldn’t it?:3

Pocholo Sarmiento says:

not even that difficult. just killed it right now. im lvl 99. took me like 6 mins. guaranteed crits is way better than getting ice resistance.

Fena Almassio says:

Level 100 – 5 minutes. The Magitek robot is ten times harder. xD

Awesomeplace1 says:

What chapter can you do this on? For me it says Chapter 15 Onwards but for everyone else it says Chapter 1 Onwards

Literally Hoi says:

These should be permanent quests…. this world is already devoid of shit to do.

TruLegendz04 Nithusan says:

Use the Flayer Lance and ur good to go but don’t use that move where ignis boosts ur damage also HOW DID U GET RAGNOROK

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