FINAL FANTASY XV – Level 130 4 Tyraneants Time Quest Gameplay! PS4 Pro (1080P 60FPS)

FFXV New timed hunt quest (9th May 2017) 4 level 130 Tyraneants / Treants gameplay livestream on PS4 Pro (1080p 60fps)

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Our Lord Umbasa says:

How do you start this timed quest? I’m just stuck on a loop of the same three timed quest.

Paulo Domingos says:

We need monster variety Just like final fantasy 9. not funny when u encounter the same monsters u have encountered the same monsters but stronger……

DankBeard19 says:

Man i was hoping they fixed this. Not really fun to pause the game use a potion after getting hit everytime

adrian n says:

what a huge waiste of a potentially mind blowing game. It could easily have been the best ever. Instead it falls into the worst of the series category. Totally devoid of fun and satisfactory. 3/10

Dmitrij Guriakov says:

Mfg. 10 minutes and one enemy is dead. Go play another game

Shannon Young says:

does the ring of lucii work on them?

P0LLUT10N says:

hate on this quest all you want , its this hard for a reason. By breaking their backs you have a chance at getting a wind up Lord vexos.. that being said there is 4 of them. if you have decent enough defence.. like magitek suits.. you will not be on shot , AND still be able to do 9999 dmg… i ate the adamantoise meat dish and this quest was a breeze.. and amazing gil

zack anding says:

How exactly does the scoring work with this quest?

bobby Seasons says:

So… this quest fucking lasted a week? A WEEK?

AND NOW THEY’RE BACK TO THAT SHITTY 4-TIER quest where you fight the elder couerls (WORST DESIGN EVER) – easy cacturs, etc. etc.?

Someone confirm I’m right about this. Because, I as also apparently STRIPPED of my 1k saved QP from that old shit tier quest,

but square is going back to it?

FUCKING GOLD. I’m buying FF16 used. They did not care what gamers felt about this game. design-less empty trash that dropped the ball on a huge mechanic game.

Succubi Pie says:

So you had to do this to get the (not) Saints Row 4 sword?… meh

Twon Jonson says:

How is it fun when every attack damn near kills you?

zidane vents says:

Hell you use more items on this game than atelier firis.

Lucas Stark says:

I can see they’ve been launching patch after patch to improve it but the game is pretty much still AIDS so far. Not even touching the subpar story; the gameplay, as fun as it may appear at first glance, is completely killed by the healing mechanics. One way to attenuate the issue would be to not have the action stop just to bring up the menu and use a potion every time your partners fall, and if you’ve played this for more than 7 hours you know they do that A LOT. God, just remembering how this game plays is making me angry already.

Holding back from using healing items is the only way to have fun fighting in the game, but even then you come across “challenging” battles like this in which the enemies just OneHit KO you. Would like to see some room for strategies other than warping in and out of danger. Lame. I had more fun fishing tbh.

Andrew Vert says:

How did you get to change the colors of Ignis, Prompto and Gladio’s chocobos?

Gouki Raging Demon says:

Love the music

Leo Giovanni says:

People still play this dead game?

llDarkAgell says:

The battle is fine, the end chapters are what annoyed me, they were so rushed and took barely 20mins apiece. Well atleast I’m done with this game, onwards to Tekken 7.

DragonSlayerGU says:

pretty sure this guy is lying in the title. Still really crappy quality

warnexus says:

this looks like a fun and tough fight! I completely disagree with TheIceLurker comment. One shot kill and heal and repeat happens in FFX. One shot kill and heal and repeat just means the boss is tough as nails!

Ko Ender says:

I chugged down so many Power EX’s, Megaelixirs, Enhancements, Overwhelms + Bow of Clever and Armigers to win.

Random87 says:

These treants also drop Lord Wind Up Vexxos as item during fight, even though the drop rate is low!

TheRealDCBL says:

Soooo I never spent my 600 plus qp points for the fishing because it wasn’t enough for the Afro sword and now all those points are just gone!!?

TheDragon0102 says:

Woah, wheres Gladios shirt?

Mr. Swagg says:

Yeah if I cant summon I aint doin it sorry

Solomon Twiggs says:

I disagree with y’all on the combat. It’s the main thing that keeps me coming back to this game; it’s just so fun and dynamic to me, and I’m always hearing new comments from the team. For this fight in particular (and hell, maybe others), maybe these few pointers might help improve the experience:

–Try to get behind the enemy more often. Sure, their tail attacks are a big threat, and they whip around quickly besides, but if you manage to trigger a link-strike, it can shave off a nice chunk o’ their health (in addition to just being fun to watch).

–You don’t have to be dead/dying to use a Mega Phoenix, and in addition to fully healing everyone, they jack up health regeneration rate for a spell. A surplus of them is more useful than anything else, and if you’ve been doing timed quests up ’til now, you’ve probably got more than enough gil to max out.

–Have Prompto using Piercer. It cuts the enemy’s Defense down, which proves more helpful than you might think. In addition, I personally preferred to have Ignis on Sagefire since a powerful fire attack seemed best against wood-based enemies.

–Spells, holmes. If you’ve had the game for a while, you should have gotten the resources to create a good number of Maxicasts by now, and those do hella damage. Unlike the damn Dread Behemoth, these enemies are vulnerable to every element.

Happy hunting!

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